I loved being pregnant for many reasons – but aside from the excitement I felt about meeting our son or daughter – the main reason was the extreme kindness people showed to me everywhere. I hope every pregnant woman is lucky enough to have the same experience. I was pretty big – maybe that helped – but I didn’t take one subway journey in New York or underground journey in London where I wasn’t offered a seat – I thought it was pretty lovely! My unbelievable friends and both sides of the family were also so very excited – and so generous – with not only things but encouragement and advice

Our daughter Noa arrived on the 17th January – what a special day that was. After my sister had been extremely overdue with all three of her sons  – I expected to have a similar situation – but I went naturally into labour in the night two days before her due date. Maybe all the raspberry leaf tea and daily date smoothies worked after all! Here are a few things I loved when I was pregnant, and since having her.

The Pattie and Co ‘Rainbow’ Muslin £22.00

I was gifted this super soft large ‘rainbow’ muslin swaddle – it’s made from organic cotton – and these are invaluable! I always bought large muslins for friends having babies – what I never realised was how many are useful at any one time. I have one on the back of my nursing chair, one in Noa’s bag for when we go out, one covering her sleepyhead in her cot as it’s easy to wash and change and of course at least one in the wash ! There isn’t a day that I don’t have a purpose for one. They are designed for swaddling, wiping, covering, sunshine shading, wrapping, snuggling and breast feeding.

But what I love about this particular company Pattie and Co is that of the £22.00 charged per muslin, £5.00 is donated to Tommy’s Charity.

They are doing an offer this week – lasting until midnight on the 27th Feb – buy all three prints of their large printed muslins and receive one of them for free and free shipping. £10.00 of each order will go to Tommy’s Charity while stocks last. They are the perfect purchase for a new baby, families and of course as a gift which I discovered.

Visit their website HERE

ARK Skincare Conditioning Body Serum £35.00

I used this daily throughout my pregnancy. I had the first bottle from the production line with me in Ibiza at ‘The Bodycamp’ where I found out I was pregnant – so literally from the day I knew I was using this serum. I have to say I have been exceptionally lucky with my skin, and managed to escape stretch mark free (I do appreciate there are contributing factors to this – an interesting fact is that younger skin can actually be more prone to them) but I was religious with this delicious serum. It’s vegan friendly – as is the whole range, and is packed with 100% natural oils rich Omegas 3, 6, & 9.

SUSIE20 gives you 20% off the whole ARK Skincare range and free shipping HERE

Elwood Backpack by Tiba and Marl £140.00

This is the best possible baby bag – these days it’s not so difficult to find a stylish AND practical one. I was so grateful to my friends Lulu, Lucy, Leah and Vicky for buying this for me as one of my amazing gifts. I have everything in here ready to go – nappies, spare clothes, a hat, gloves, socks, a muslin, a blanket – and the best thing of all is that it obviously requires no hands which is the most valuable thing of all in a baby bag! It’s also good for Dad’s.

Find the range HERE

ProSkins Slim Leggings

Not only were these my favourite workout/day time leggings before getting pregnant but I also wore them until I was over 7 months! They are the most comfortable, flattering things, once I got a pair I never wanted to take them off. I wore the ‘classic’ in a size 10. They have other added benefits too. The challenge the company sets if you want to see these benefits is to wear them for 28 days – for at least 8 hours a day – to see reduction in cellulite due to lymphatic drainage boosting properties. This could even be overnight. The micro-capsules within the yarn contain caffeine, retinol, vitamin E, aloe vera and ceramides – the micro capsules in Proskins Slim are present for 100 washes. but aside from all of that they are a fabulous pair of leggings.

Find them HERE

Ren AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum

I picked this renewing body serum up in Space NK with post baby skin in mind – it resurfaces the skin without being stripping hydration – it boosts the skins natural exfoliation process, helps to strengthen the skin and encourages cell turnover. I use it in the mornings after showering since having Noa. It would also be a great product for the summer – the gentle exfoliation keeps the limbs glowing.

Find it HERE

Neal’s Yard Seaweed and Arnica Foaming Bath £15.50

My friend Kate gave me this therapeutic bath soak. I have never craved a bath so much after having a baby – and I had to wait for 3 weeks before I could indulge in this. The blend is a combination of seaweed, comfrey and arnica with essential oils lemon, pine, juniper and lavender. HEAVEN. If I was running the marathon I would also soak in this.

Find it HERE

Little Aurelia 

The wonderful Jini Sanassay – an old dear friend of mine gifted me this gorgeous suitcase of Little Aurelia products when I was pregnant. The ‘Comfort and Calm Rescue Cream’ I have even used on my lips – it’s so gentle and nourishing. These baby products are made with botanical ingredients with soothing essential oils – they are sold at Space NK and prices start at £22.00. The full suitcase is £150.00 and what a truly amazing gift it is.

Find it HERE

Baby Carrier

I have two life changing baby carriers. I use them both. The Ergo is very sturdy but not as easy to fold up into a bag and go – so I would wear it when I’m walking from home or straight from the car. The Caboo I take on longer days. I would recommend either. If you want to use the Ergo carrier with a newborn or young baby buy the infant insert too. If you have a baby that doesn’t like being put down at home or if they are especially unsettled it’s the way to free up both hands while the baby falls straight to sleep attached to you – an unbelievable invention! I watched videos on YouTube on how to use both of these – I was very nervous and there was no need!!

The Ergo is £123.92 HERE

The Caboo is £69.99 HERE

Bump and Glory Omega 3 Fish Oil £16.00

From my understanding – and I won’t phrase this as well as a nutritional therapist would – if you don’t take a high quality DHA supplement whilst pregnant it will be taken from within the mother – as it is vital – and this can cause ‘baby brain’. My now good friend Kay Ali who is the founder of http://www.youneedanutritionaltherapist.com gave many wise words of wisdom throughout my pregnancy. The Bump and Glory capsule is designed to support baby’s brain and eye development, nervous system development and mum’s mental health – which also can affect the baby. I think this tablet was one of the best things I did for myself while pregnant. I’m still taking them as I am breastfeeding. You take one a day and there are thirty capsules in the tub.

Find them and more information about them HERE

The Facial Bar at Neville’s Hair and Beauty

There are lots of things you can’t do whilst pregnant – thankfully for me at my favourite ‘Facial Bar’ hidden within Neville’s in Knightsbridge – there were heavenly and relaxing treatments suitable for pregnancy. I had my last one with Hasti days before giving birth! She combined manual facial massage with rose quartz pressure point massage and always treated my incredibly tense neck and shoulders too. What I love about ‘The Facial Bar’ for pregnant woman, aside from that the treatments are fully customisable, is that there is no need to lie flat you can be simply reclined. This was my real treat.

Find it and the full menu HERE


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