We’re in an era of choice – there are so many options, treatments, potions, tablets and products on the market in 2018 to keep our skin looking at its best – for me I’m still a fan of keeping my choices as natural as possible.

My main struggles with my skin are dehydration, pigmentation and the occasional breakout. Taking three tablets a night to improve the texture and appearance of my skin was deeply appealing to me, and I’ve been using the Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen Tablets for the last 6 months. I first discovered them when my friend Kirsty was using them, she gave me some of hers initially to try.

Why Ingenious Beauty Tablets as the chosen collagen Supplement?

As we age we produce less collagen. Collagen is a protein – it’s a fundamental component of our skin, muscles, and bones. It essentially holds the body together – think of it as a glue. As we age the body produces less collagen – which is the main reason our skin loses elasticity and tone – we lose the plumpness and wrinkles and fine lines begin to show and dehydration increases too.

The Ingenious Tablets use collagen peptides that bypass the stomach and reach the small intestine. This is not the case with other products on the market, or even with food that we eat – the stomach will break down the collagen proteins into amino acids. The all natural shell on the Ingenious Tablets is acid resistant so it is not broken down in the stomach – and therefore gets to where it needs to (the small intestine) for absorption and usage!

By enveloping our highest quality marine collagen peptide in a completely natural (vegetable cellulose), hand-filled, enteric capsule shell, we have developed a way of delivering collagen peptide to the small intestine intact and therefore providing the highest chance of absorption to take place. – Ingenious Beauty Website


I have noticed a real improvement in my skin, and also as a side benefit to my nails and hair. I take really good care off my skin anyway – I always use a good SPF on my face – but my skin is a skin type that would definitely age quickly if given the chance. I have a paler skin tone, and I’m in my late 30’s and I have no deep lines – fine lines have definitely improved since I started taking these tablets.

The 100% natural tablets contain

Natural Marine Collagen to repair and support the structure of the skin.

Natural Astaxanthin to work against and help to repair signs of UV damage.

Natural Hyaluronic Acid (my all time favourite skincare ingredient) to hydrate and plump the skin.

How to take them

Every night straight before going to bed, take three tablets with water. If there has been a large gap of time between eating and consuming these, which isn’t always the case for me – they work all the better. There are 90 tablets in each tub which last for a month. Do the skin test and photograph your skin before taking these, and then make sure you take them religiously – I’ve missed very few nights they are part of my bedtime routine and if I’m travelling they come with me.

To Buy

A 30 day supply of 90 tablets is £42.99

A 90 day supply of 270 tablets is £109.99

The travel pack of 45 tablets is £23.99

You can find them at the Ingenious Beauty website HERE

Or at lookfantastic.com (where there is a current 20% off offer and free postage when you use the code 20SKIN at checkout) HERE




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