I’ve been using body oils for years, I love the nourishment that they give my skin – particularly if they are quickly absorbed – they feel so much more luxurious to me than a moisturiser. The newer concept than a body oil is a serum. We treat our faces, so why not our bodies too?

In May ARK Skincare launched their ‘Conditioning Body Serum’. ARK is famed for their range of face serums – and much to my delight I was literally the first person to get a bottle of their body serum. My friend Kirsty Gallacher and I took a bottle each to ‘ The Body Camp’ in Ibiza and she even more than me loves to use a body product after she showers – she gets a tremendous tan and adored this product – I don’t think she’ll be without it now.

So what’s it designed to do?

It’s a silky oil serum that hydrates the skin but leaves it with a superb glow. The skin is left conditioned and smooth and it promotes supple and healthy skin.

What’s in it?

It has a delicious light scent – a blend of completely natural essential oils – rose, jasmine, orange flower, mandarin and patchouli. It’s very subtle as they are blended in Abyssinian Oil, Olive Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Bisabolol, and Vitamin E.

The oils are rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9. Bisabolol is an ingredient extracted from the Brazilian Tree and is a completely natural ingredient that soothes and calms irritated skin and is also suitable for very sensitive skin. Vitamin E is a great addition for it’s protective qualities – it is an antioxidant so helps to shield from environmental pollution.


Who is it suitable for?

The Conditioning Body Serum can be used by pregnant women, and is actually ideal for nourishing the skin as it stretches and changes – it is designed to promote supple skin.  The serum doesn’t contain ingredients at levels which should cause concern during pregnancy. Obviously with any product if you have concerns consult your doctor but full ingredients are on the back of the packaging.

Similarly with those suffering with nut allergies. The nut protein – which is what causes the allergy – is removed before being used as an ingredient. I feel confident making this recommendation as my friend has a very serious nut allergy and ARK’s Body Conditioning Oil is one of her favourite products.

It is also a vegan suitable product. The entire ARK Skincare range is cruelty free – and always has been. HERE is a link to the vegan friendly product page. All products free from Parabens, SLS, mineral oil, S.D. Alcohol, Formaldehyde, and Artificial Colours and Fragrance.

How to use

Suitable for use all over the body – massage into slightly damp skin after showering or bathing. Blend a little onto limbs for extra glow and nourishment. Be cautious if the sun is very strong to also use an SPF if you would usually. Kirsty would apply this at any time of day but abroad – whereas I would use in the evenings to rehydrate my skin after sun exposure.


Kirsty Gallacher ‘Absolute bliss, hydrating, easy to apply – and packed with all natural ingredients – I know I’m really nourishing my skin. I’ve been using it in the evenings after my skin’s been exposed to the sun.’


To buy and read more

ARK Skincare Conditioning Body Serum is £35.00. As ARK’s brand ambassador SUSIE20 gives you a 20% discount on the whole range as well as free delivery. So it’s £28.00 with the code. I promise if you’re anything like me you’re going to love it. Find it HERE.


4 Comments on What’s Better Than A Body Oil? ARK Skincare’s Conditioning Body Serum…

  1. Hard to believe this when you are paid for this brand. Miss your videos but not when you are going on about ark skincare

    • It is true we work with susie, and she is often the face of our brand, however she is 100% free to talk about any brand or product she likes. Susie only ever posts what she really thinks. It’s genuine. We would never give her something to say and there are products she doesn’t enjoy and she will say so .. her posts are genuine even if we do work together

    • The reason ARK asked me to be their brand ambassador in 2015 was because I’d supported it so much after first trying it in 2012 and they wanted someone who genuinely loved it – and I’m proud to be associated with a small British company with the highest standards who are in a market place next to such huge huge names. X

  2. I’m going to try this. I’ve been using the Anti-Redness Serum after Lisa Faulkner said how much it had helped her rosacea and I’m addicted it’s making my skin finally managable. Love your insta posts the Bootcamp in Ibiza looked incredible

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