I’m a little bit crazy about Revlon make-up at the moment. I’ve been working on ‘Hollyoaks’ and the ‘Youth FX Foundation Fill and Blur’ is the foundation that I requested for my on screen foundation because I’ve been using it myself for and it’s doing wonders for my skin! I’m already a huge fan of the Revlon Mascara range. I did a blog a while ago comparing the mascara range which you can find HERE.

Revlon have launched four targeted products designed to ‘Fill and Blur’ imperfections and lines on the skin to give a flattering, youthful look. And I have been trying out all four.

Revlon Youth FXFill and Blur Foundation

The first time that I used the foundation it went on easily with a velvety texture and looked great on the skin – as many foundations do when first applied. It was later in the day when I glanced in the mirror that I realised how much I liked this foundation, I had to remind myself which product I had used on my skin that morning. My skin still looked great – young, clear, fresh. It’s a fairly heavy coverage foundation if you apply a good amount – but if you want less coverage apply a small amount and blend in with finger tips or a brush to well moisturised skin. I sometimes mix a drop or two of ARK Skincare’s Radiance Serum (SUSIE20 gives you 20% discount) for an added youthful glow. The foundation comes in 7 different shades – I wear ‘Nude’ and it’s currently £13.99 at Boots HERE


Revlon Youth FX Fill and Blur Concealer

Another product I have been using daily is the ‘Youth FX Fill and Blur Concealer’. Push up from the bottom to release the liquid textured concealer from the rounded sponge. I have primarily been using the underneath the eye as it blends easily but also by the side of my nose where my skin can redden slightly. I don’t like to use hard textured concealers under my eyes because I find that blending them in can pull and drag the delicate skin. This blends in really nicely and is also useful for correcting smudged eye make up later in the day. I use shade medium.  It’s available at Boots currently for £11.99 HERE



Revlon Youth Fill and Blur For Forehead

For a flattering forehead finish brush on any lines of concern after moisturiser and before any make up or tinted moisturiser. Do NOT use around the eyes – I made this mistake – it will tingle. It contains micro fillers and optical diffusers – it’s a flexible formula that moves with your skin.  It brushes on clear so suitable for any skin tone. It’s £14.99 HERE.


Revlon Youth Fix Fill and Blur Primer for Face and Neck

Works in exactly the same way as the forehead blurring solution. It also contains the micro fillers and optical diffusers but it’s a thicker paste. You can apply it with the dispenser but I tend to firstly put it on my fingertips and then smooth it in – always upwards on the neck. You can gently tap this one around the eye area. It’s £14.99 HERE

These products currently appear to be on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots. The whole range can be found HERE


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