I love asking my friends for their current top product picks. Lisa Faulkner who I first met nearly 15 years ago has always had a such a gorgeous natural look – she also never seems to age a day – and I was very keen to know her beauty secrets.

I have two of her cookbooks which I use more than any others – she’s a busy working Mum – so what are her beauty tips and what are the essentials in her make-up bag?

 Trinny’s makeup stack


Lisa says ‘These have revolutionised my makeup bag. The ‘Golden Glow Bronzer’ and ‘Lip2cheek’ in Chacha are my faves.’

(I hadn’t seen Trinny’s stacks but now that I have I really want to try them myself. One pot of the bronzer is meant to last you around 6 months because you need so little of it – so although the products aren’t cheap – that makes them very good value)

The Chacha beautiful coral lip2cheek is £25.00 and so is the Golden Glow Bronzer. You can view the products and customise your own stack HERE


ARK Skincare Defend Moisturiser

Lisa says ‘I LOVE this moisturiser – it’s really light as you apply it, but properly moisturises your skin. I use it everyday!!’

(It was me that suggested Lisa tried ARK Skincare because she has very reactive skin and suffers with rosacea – and took a bit of persuading that the products are extremely well suited to sensitive skin. I know how much she loves this product, and I remember her calling me to thank me for insisting on her trying it)

The ARK Skincare Defend moisturiser is the moisturiser in the range designed for 30’s and 40’s skin. It’s priced at £35.00 and SUSIE20 gives you 20% discount and free delivery HERE


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream


.Lisa says ‘This is the products I would take with me to a desert island. I use it for my lips but also on my eyelashes, eyebrows and minor burns. I also use it on the ends of my hair if i have no serum!’

Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is £28.00 and you an find it with free delivery HERE


 Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser


Lisa says ‘I love that this tinted moisturiser has slightly more cover than Laura Mercier’s version and and gives skin a dewy appearance and a glow.’

(I personally love NARS products and although I’m currently using a REN Tinted Moisturiser at the moment, I do use a NARS foundation and would love to try this for my next tinted moisturiser. I like that it also contains SPF30 – even though I use ARK’s Primer with SPF30 every single day I never complain about another layer – it’s my top obsession)

The NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser is £30.00 and you can find it HERE with free delivery.


Aromatherapy Associates ‘Deep Relax’ and ‘Support Breathe’ Bath and Shower Oils

Lisa says ‘The Deep Relax Oil is the only product that ACTUALLY works for me and helps to get  me to sleep. I have to make sure I have done everything I need to do before I get in a bath with this oil, because afterwards its game over! I love the breathe support one too.’

(I’m also a huge fan of the Deep Relax Oil, I find it and ESPA’s Soothing Bath Oil as two genuinely effective sleep inducing oils. Vitally switch off your phone and if possible your mind before bath time if you have sleep issues. Support Breathe is next on my list – I have congested sinuses and often have the sensation of not being able to breathe deeply enough.)

The Aromatherapy Deep Relax Oil is £49.00 with free delivery HERE and the Support Breathe Oil is £47.00 with free delivery HERE


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Lisa says ‘Having blonde hair and being lazy, dry shampoo is a must in my beauty essentials.This is a pretty expensive version but smells SO gorgeous.’

(One of the first posts I ever wrote was about this product. I don’t enjoy using dry shampoo, I hate the sticky feeling but this extremely expensive version is a dream. It gives body and texture and definitely gives hair an extra day before it needs washing and is fabulous for hair up, and plaiting too.)

The large size of the ‘Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray’ is 300ml/£41.00 and the small handbag size version is 75ml/£20.00 HERE


Aveda Damage Remedy Hair Repair

Lisa says ‘This is fab – I use it after every hairwash before styling and it really has strengthened my hair – and has stopped the broken bits being so broken!!

(This repair solution is to be combed through or rubbed into the ends of towel dried hair and not rinsed out. It’s also a heat protector so perfect before blow drying and styling.)

A 100ml tube is £24.50 but currently £19.60 with free delivery HERE


Lisa is an unbelievable cook, as well as being an actress. She and her two best friends had the most extraordinary dinner parties when I first met them, and I wasn’t at all surprised when she won Masterchef. In this era I didn’t cook once, it was a very high pressure crowd where the kitchen was concerned. If you haven’t ever tried her recipes – I highly recommend both of these books (and they aren’t the only two in her collection). I like them because they have every day, family orientated meals in them – the recipes are delicious. My Mum, my sister and I have both of these books. You can find them HERE

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