Recently I switched to cactus water – it’s always coconut water I have used after a workout or in a morning smoothie – but cactus water has half the sugar and calories of your average coconut water and is hugely hydrating. A cactus survives in very hot and dry climates from storing water – and as it turns out this water is very good for us!

I love fresh coconut but not everyone does and the water certainly has an acquired taste. Cactus water is fruitier – it isn’t very sweet – and it has a subtle taste – it’s absolutely delicious. It’s not something I have tried as yet but bearing in mind the hydrating properties of Cactus Water, mixing with an alcoholic spirit such as Vodka could mean vastly reduced hangovers!

I recently used True Nopal Cactus Water when preparing for a half marathon and I drank some before my run and immediately afterwards. It’s a perfect drink for a distance run because it contains electrolytes and a very powerful antioxidant ‘Taurine’ which is an amino acid (it’s also naturally made in the body). Taurine helps with tissue damage and increases the body’s ability to transport oxygen making the body work efficiently. I was delighted to find I had plenty of energy at the Royal Parks Half Marathon – I’m putting this down to eating a large meal the night before, and the consumption of Cactus Water 45 minutes before the run.

The other exciting property of cactus water are the antioxidants betalains. There is some extraordinary research into the benefits – and beetroot is another source but only contains half the amount. Betalains can help to fight inflammation, recommended for those with autoimmune diseases such as lupus, crohn’s disease and fibromyalgia, protects cells in the body and helps to clear away the damaged ones that are more susceptible to disease. It’s suggested that betalains are good for the liver, the cells, high cholesterol, blood clots as well a premature ageing – with protection from free radicals.

Cactus Lowdown

Suitable for Vegans
100% Natural
No Added Sugar
Gluten Free
Half the calories of coconut water


True Nopal is an American company – from Arizona – I remember a little walk I took with my friend Piers in the desert in Arizona when I was 18. I think we underestimated the heat, had no mobile phone, no car and thought it might be the last day we ever would see. I can see why the cactus thrives there! True Nopal are now very established in the UK and you can find their Cactus Water at Waitrose in the stores, Ocado, and across the UK at independent retailers – a location search can be done HERE

12 x Cactus Water 330ml is £15.99

Find out more about cactus water on their website




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