*Before and after pictures 27th October 2015 and 20th September 2016 respectively

At the beginning of 2015 I went with two of my friends to speak to Stephanie Green at Marlow’s ‘Springwell Clinic’ with two of my friends about laser hair removal, pigmentation and the treatments that they offer there. Stephanie took a look at my face during our conversation – and then made me clench my jaw – she saw what I saw in the mirror every day – an incredibly tense jaw and ever growing set of masseter muscles. It was probably the strongest muscle in my body! I can barely describe when I clenched my teeth together how powerful the muscle was. Both sides were bad but the right side was really bad.

I broke my jaw when I was 7 years old, I fell out of a tree and the scar lies just below my jaw line in the centre. Whether this has been a contributing factor to the incredible tension I hold in my jaw – I can’t be sure – but it’s been an ongoing problem that has become worse as time has gone on.

My dentist says from looking at my teeth that it’s unlikely that I grind – but I clench my jaw when I sleep – I know I do because sometimes I wake up and consciously have to relax it. I also found myself constantly opening and closing my mouth when I was doing anything that required concentration or when performing repetitive tasks. I would be hanging up washing or doing admin and would be repeatedly biting down to loosen my jaw – I wouldn’t even know I was doing it unless someone drew it to my attention.

Until Stephanie suggested to me that I try botox in my jaw to relax the muscles, I hadn’t even known that the treatment was a possibility. I know friends who have had botox to treat persistent migraines and a male friend who used botox to reduce sweating – but I hadn’t been looking for a jaw solution – it was so part of my every day – and had been for so many years. I had been saying to my close group of girlfriends – I’m building up a huge amount of muscle – and they all assured me my face looked absolutely fine and normal – looking back at photos it really did not.

*Stills from a taping December 2015 – one month before having treatment for over developed masseter muscles

I paid for the treatment. I was just interested to see if it could help in any way. I hadn’t been intending to write about it…. until I saw the difference it made to my face.

Within a few days the tension began to reduce. I was still clenching my jaw but not as frequently. Now I have stopped altogether. I still get the urge to sometimes – the effects of botox only last for 3-6 months – but I stop myself. What it did for me was to break the habit of repeated ‘chewing’. And it’s hugely reduced the size of my jaw.

I have just called the Springwell Clinic to go in and speak to Stephanie because I can feel an ache in my jaw – level with the back of my bottom teeth and up to where the bottom of my ear meets my face. It’s an uncomfortable feeling and I think it’s time to re-address the situation again.

My tips on finding the right person to help you would be to find a really established clinic in your area. I am not particularly near ‘Springwell Clinic’ in Marlow but for me it’s worth the drive. It’s so important to get the right person to look at your face and see if there is something that could help you – whether you suffer with migraines, tension, or even if you’re looking to lessen lines on the face. Don’t trust just anyone – do your research and have a consultation before agreeing to go ahead with anything. If Stephanie hasn’t seen you before she will talk to you properly before making recommendations to you – as I said I went in to discuss a laser treatment and she helped me with something totally unexpected.



At home the one helpful thing I do with my jaw is use a face roller. I have two – one is a jade roller that I’ve been using for years it’s at Cult Beauty for £28.00 HERE and one is Sarah Chapman’s ‘The Facelift’ £25.00 HERE.

Find Springwell Clinic in Marlow

10-12 Oxford Road, Marlow SL7 2NL

01628 308060

             Website – https://www.springwellclinic.co.uk

Ask to speak with owner Stephanie Green or the fantastic Libbie Wallace who is an aesthetic nurse prescriber and is hugely knowledgable. You’re in very good hands!

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