I remember first trying Eyeko’s Black Magic Mascara in 2013, it was my first introduction to the Eyeko range. It was such an impressive mascara – my lashes were so full -and if you happened to be someone who didn’t remove their make-up it could potentially stay on for a week! At around the same time I tried the Eyeko Skinny Liner – I have mentioned this product before as one of my favourite beauty picks.

I recently was sent a new mascara from the Eyeko range ‘Lash Alert’ – along with the tinted Brow Gel and the Skinny Liner. The Lash Alert Mascara has been designed to wake-up the eyes. The formulation contains caffeine and a huge dose of fibres designed to lift sleepy eyes!!! I always curl my eyelashes before applying the mascara and it gives such nice quick coverage. The curved brush also means it’s way to push the lashes up as you apply. It contains Biotin which thickens and strengthens lashes – so by using this mascara there is a treatment in there too.


The Eyeko Skinny Liner is an old favourite of mine. It’s one of the best known products in the Eyeko range. It’s pretty foolproof because the tip is like a slim felt tipped pen so you can’t get too much product on the applicator. They last ages. They don’t smudge and it’s easy to draw out for an eye flick. The harder you press down the thicker the line will be. If you are a fan of liquid liners give this a try. Contains Algae Extract which creates a glossy finish.


The Eyeko Brow Gel that I have been trying is limited edition designed with Eyeko by illustrator David Downton. It gives a gentle tint to the eyebrows as well as holding unruly hairs in place. I tend to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in gaps and then the tinted gel over the top. The Brow Gel contains a growth promoting botanical blend. Even when the limited edition version is over – they do a fabulous brow gel that’s a permanent feature in their collection.

“David Downton and eye make-up brand Eyeko the perfect partners”


I think my eyes do look very awake with this combination! I really do like the Eyeko products, I’ve never tried anything in the range that has disappointed me – and when I first discovered them in 2013 – it was a completely new brand to me. Soon afterwards I was buying gifts for friends from them and it’s remained a real go to brand for me for eye make-up.

There are useful travel eye make-up wipes that Eyeko make. But I tend to remove my eye make-up with an oil cleanser (ARK Skincare Pre Cleanse and Make-Up Remover HERE for £30.00 and 15% cheaper using code SUSIE15) because it gently removes even waterproof mascara without dragging the delicate skin around the eye area. It’s the one area of my face is sensitive – I can’t use cotton wool around my eyes unless I’m very, very gentle so I try to stay away from wipes too. These are brilliant though for me for quick make-up changes or for a travel wash bag,

The lowdown


Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara £19.00 with free delivery HERE

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner £16.00 with free delivery HERE

Eyeko Brow Gel in Brown with free delivery £18.00 HERE

Eyeko Brown Gel Limited Edition £22.00 HERE



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