I recently started taking a high quality Omega 3 capsule. My friends have been talking about a supplement of it for quite some time – and then my Mum started – and then I decided to read more about it.

After much research I chose Tom Oliver’s ‘The Omega 3 MOPL™ Herring Caviar’ – it is a phospholipid bound Omega 3 – and the first available in the UK that has not been sourced from Krill. (There has been controversy surrounding fishing for Krill in terms of sustainability). Krill which is a small crustacean is an important source of food for animals such as penguins, seals, and whales – and the Omega 3 in the Krill is what these animals need. If we continue to take the Krill for its Omega 3 the animals that rely on it are put at serious risk long term. This for me rules out a krill supplement – and yet a phospholipid supplement is hugely beneficial.

The benefit to taking a phospholipid-bound omega-3 tablet is that fatty acids are water dispersible, this makes them gentler on the stomach and more readily absorbed by the body.

The Tom Oliver’s The Omega 3 MOPL™ Herring Caviar capsules are being sold at Holland and Barrett amongst other places including Whole Foods. The Health & Beauty Associate Coordinator Andrew Ragatz for Whole Foods says “Bringing sustainable and all natural products to our customers is what we do at Whole Foods Market. Tom Oliver Nutrition’s ‘Omega 3 MOPL Herring Caviar’ is the UK’s first environmentally friendly phospholipid Omega 3 supplement and we are happy to support it in our stores.”

The Omega 3 MOPL Herring Caviar also has a combination of 3 times as much of the essential fatty acid DHA compared to any other phospholipid form supplement on the market. The product is from Herring Caviar which is embryonic and not a “crushed fish”.

Although Omega-3s are most well known for their role in heart health, they’re important for so much more – your mental health, brains, bones and even your risk of cancer are all impacted by these oils – and most of us don’t get enough of them.

The Japanese are incredibly healthy and their diets tend to be far richer in Omega fats. Omega’s are classed as ‘good fats’ – we ran from anything with fat in it for far too long.


Foods Rich In Omega 3


Salmon Fish Oil



Cod Liver Oil


Chia Seeds



Salmon (wild-caught)



White Fish


Hemp Seeds


Egg Yolks


Ingredients in Tom Oliver’s The Omega 3 MOPL™ Herring Caviar


Herring Caviar Oil
Fish Oil (from anchovy, sardine)
Antioxidant (Tocopherol rich extract)
Capsule Shell: Gelatin, Glycerine
Caramel Colouring (natural organic)

I was interested in addition to the benefits that quality Omega 3 offers at the addition of Choline as it helps to support fat metabolism (always a benefit).


Some Of The Suggested Benefits Of Omega 3


Supports Heart Health

Helps with anxiety and depression

Can help to reduce asthma in children

Improves bone and joint health

Has shown to benefit people suffering with ADHD and ADD

Fights age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s disease

Can help with inflammation in the body

Boosts the health of the skin

Supports eye health


The dose and details

One tablet a day is all that you need to take of the The Omega 3 MOPL™ Herring Caviar.

A months supply of 30 tablets is available for £24.99


To Buy Online

Tom Oliver Website – HERE

Holland and Barrett – HERE

Amazon – HERE


Skincare with Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are also highly beneficial to the skin in topical form and it’s an ingredient included in products in my current skincare routine. My essential moisturiser from ARK Skincare ‘Age Defend’ – which is suitable for skins in their 30’s and 40’s has Omega 3 included sourced from kiwi and passion fruit lipids (all of ARK’s skincare products are vegan friendly). Fatty acids such as Omega 3 have been found to be beneficial to people suffering with rosacea and psoriasis. It is also protected by airless packaging to ensure the product is as fresh and effective to the last drop. It is also an ingredient in the soothing cleanser in the Age Defend Range.

Moisturiser £35.00 HERE

Cleanser £25.00 HERE

(Using SUSIE15 at checkout you get a 15% discount across the range)


Omega 3 helps the skin to repair and is an anti inflammatory – which is why it is highly beneficial to the skin conditions I mentioned above. Another favourite product of mine – that at the moment I use at least once a day – if not twice, is ARK Skincare’s Pre Cleanse and Make-Up Remover. I am wearing a lot of make-up for the play I’m currently involved with ‘Out Of Order’ – including red lipstick and this gentle oil cleanser is my saviour. It’s a multi lipid blend that contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 and as above is suitable for vegans as the essential lipids are sourced from Avocado, Grape Seed and Kiwi.

It’s priced at £30.00 HERE


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