The head make-up artist at The Wright Stuff is a woman that I adore – Justine Wade. I get so many product recommendations from her every time I do the show. The latest was the hair styling appliances from ‘Diva Pro Styling’. We styled my hair every day that week using Diva Pro Styling – but the most impressive thing of all was that some days my hair had held so well it didn’t need more than a back comb and a spray – and this really is something for my hair as it’s naturally straight and can revert to straight very easily. I was addicted.

I’ve been trying out Diva Pro Styling’s ‘Intelligent Digital Wand’. The barrel’s measurement at the tip is 19mm and at the widest part 32mm so it’s a medium sized wand. You can set the temperature on it, so if you know your hair is fragile or doesn’t need a huge amount of heat to style. I used temperature 170 degrees and 190 degrees. The coolest you can have the wand is 110 degrees and the hottest 210 degrees.


A glove comes with the wand – I’ve never used a glove with a wand before but it meant I could style without fear. The wand is Argan Oil infused – claiming to make it better for hair than traditional wands. I’m styling my hair so much for work at the moment any help I can get with that the better!

– Instantly heats to the temperature that you set.
– Auto power-off after an hour of no use – and I know a lot of people stress over whether they remembered to turn off their appliances!
– Built-in heat protection stand – very helpful because I’m always burning something.
-Use on completely dry hair and detangle each section with a brush if necessary before you use the wand

There is no way to catch or snag your hair on this wand. There is never anything more frustrating than having to take scissors to your own hair to cut it free from your styler. This happened to me with the back of a hairdryer in a hotel 3 weeks ago.

It is incredibly easy and quick to turn hair into a style as my video below demonstrates. I washed my hair, slept with it wet and styled as below. I recommend using a heat styling spray. I adore the Mark Hill Styling Heat Protection Spray – I discovered it last year and nothing makes my hair hold better without weighing it down. More effective than hairspray for holding a style.




Find the Diva Pro Styling 19-32 mm Argan Intelligent Digital Wand currently for £40.00 (it is usually £50.00) HERE

Justine used the Diva Professional Styling Intelligent Digital Multi-Wand on me currently £56.00 (usually £70.00) HERE

Mark Hill Styling Heat Protection Spray 200ml £6.49 HERE



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