Fake Bake’s Coconut Tanning Serum

I started using this tanner in January. It was a month that I was electrifyingly pale – and working in Cardiff – worst of all having to bare a leg. I use some form of self tanner for most of the year. I am naturally quite pale, and I find a subtle tan makes my skin look healthy and even. It’s also flattering – I self tan before every beach holiday.

With the addition of Coconut Oil and Silk Amino Acids this serum has moisturising and firming benefits for the skin as well as to tan it. It’s a clever addition to a tanner because self tans are notoriously drying due to their DHA content. This serum is kind enough to the skin to be used on both face and body – and it hasn’t made my skin break out either which a lot of self tanners do. The shade is medium – which is the only shade this product comes in – which is perfect for me – because when I use dark it can begin to look a little unnatural on my skin tone.



The lotion is dark – do wear the provided gloves – I put the gloves underneath a mitt for easy blending. Any tanning mitt will do – it just makes blending easy.

Exfoliate the day before preferably – right before application isn’t ideal as the DHA tanner in self tan reacts with dead skin cells – so if you have very few the tan may not be so good. I’ve previously done it and it’s ok, but if you are exfoliating right before ensure there is no oil in the product.

With this tanner I apply all over as evenly as possible working up from the bottom of the legs, and once fully covered I blend over the feet, hands, knees and elbows with ARK Skincare’s Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion (which also contains Coconut Oil).

I use exactly the same mitt, put a small pump of the moisturiser onto it and just lightly blend over those areas. The usual instruction is to use the moisturiser on those areas before the tan but with this specific tan I like to do it afterwards. Don’t use a moisturiser that leaves a film on the skin.

Leave on for 4-6 hours at least and up to 8 for the deepest tan.

My Favourite Features

  • Delicious coconut scent – you smell of summer
  • Very quick to dry sinks straight into skin
  • Fades naturally and evenly
  • Can apply and go with a glow
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Won’t transfer to clothes or sheets whilst developing (unless you really sweat it out so don’t hit the gym!)


To buy

Price – £29.95

With free delivery find it HERE and HERE

ARK Skincare Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion £30.00 HERE (SUSIE15 for 15% discount on the range)

Tanning Mitt with free delivery £4.00 HERE


I am currently working on a comedy ‘Out Of Order’ by Ray Cooney – and a tan makes me feel much better in my costume – so I make sure to have the serum with me in my dressing room.



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