Sundry at ASOS

I absolutely love ASOS. I tried this Sundry sweater on in Planet Blue in LA in November – it was $156 dollars plus tax – incredibly soft, and for a sweater very flattering. I bought two other things and decided I had enough sweaters (which wasn’t wrong). I always know I should have bought something when I keep thinking about it afterwards – and there it was on ASOS reduced from £140.00 to £56.00 with free delivery. Bought it in a heartbeat and haven’t taken it off all week. Sundry truly do the most delicious loungewear.

Currently on offer HERE


Stem Cells

My friend Leah and I were texting the other night about moisturisers with stem cells. It’s an expensive process to add stem cells to a product. Stem cells work by helping to protect the human skin cells from damage and deterioration and at the same time stimulating the skin’s own cells. I suggested that she try ARK Skincare’s Regenerating Skin Defence which contains Alpine Rose Leaf Stem Cells as well as a blend of vitamins and key hydrator Hyaluronic Acid – I use it every day and with the ingredient list – it’s incredibly well priced. Depending on why I’m using it on a particular day I will use it either underneath my moisturiser in place of a serum (which is amazing for pigmentation and marks) or over my moisturiser to seal in my serum and moisturiser. The Beauty Shortlist labelled this product as they gave it an award as a ‘Cashmere Blanket for the skin’ – perfect description.

Find it HERE for £70. Use code SUSIE15 for 15% discount on the whole range.


Quinoa Salad

I love this salad because it keeps me so full. I chop red onion, tomato, cucumber, fresh mint, flat leaf parsley, a few chopped nuts (just judge the amounts rather than being too specific). I cook one or two cups of quinoa – and I really like the three colour blend that Waitrose sell. Drain it properly, wait for it to cool and then mix it through the salad ingredients before dressing with lemon juice, olive oil and my favourite Apple Cider Vinegar. Top with a protein – egg, salmon or chicken.



Out Of Order by Ray Cooney

I’m very lucky to be working on a new project – a comedy written by the legendary farce writer and director Ray Cooney. This play is to mark his 70 years in the industry and he told me the other day that of his plays this is his favourite. It’s already fun and we’ve barely started. We start performances in Guildford in March and will be touring the UK until the end of July.

The schedule and information is HERE



Cashmere Hot Water Bottle Cover

When my friend Sarah asked me what I wanted for my 30th birthday, she wasn’t impressed when I wanted a cashmere hot water bottle cover – she didn’t think it was very exciting. I’m so happy she bought it for me. It’s been so cold and I’ve been using it every night. I think they are the perfect gift, but buy one for yourself first.

Find the cashmere covers HERE


Hope you had a great week whatever you’ve been doing.



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