I tried Colour Restore by Scott Cornwall after being sent a sample of it in October. I religiously see my colourist Seniz Alkan at Nevilles Salon in Knightsbridge once a month. My hair has a warmth to it that sometimes I don’t want and Seniz will counteract that with ‘Ash’.

Last year however my visits to Seniz were few and far between because of the play I was touring with – the schedule had me away for 6 days a week. This gave me a good chance to try Scott Cornwall’s ‘Colour Restore’.


There are gloves provided – use them because this colour will colour your hands! I discovered that!

The first option is to use ‘Colour Restore’ as a colour maintainer. So with the ‘Chocolate’ shade that I was using for example it’s great if your colour has become dull or faded. In this instance shampoo your hair as normal – squeeze some product into a gloved hand and apply all over the hair. Rinse without conditioning. You can condition if you choose to but it leaves your hair as conditioned as a conditioner does – and it truly does. I would always be tempted to ignore that part as I hate my hair not feeling conditioned but this really conditions.

The second option gives you a slightly more vibrant colour result. Shampoo, towel dry, comb through from root to tip and leave for 5 minutes. Again rinse out without the need for conditioner. It’s important to use warm water rather than hot water when rinsing the colour from the hair. Steaming hot water can open the cuticle and let the new colour out. I don’t like boiling hot water anyway – I find it dehydrating for my skin.

The third option would be to comb the colour though and leave on to develop for 20 minutes and this is particularly recommended for two shades I’ve mentioned below – Cool Ash and Iced Platinum. These colours are designed for more intense development – if you really want to cool warmth especially in blonder hair – try this method.

The Colours 

There are a number of colours in the Colour Restore range

Cool Ash – This works to neutralise warm tones – so coppers and orange  in darker blondes and even brunette hair. I may even get one of these myself for when I’m away as it is an ash and could cancel out my warmth. Lots of people who colour their hair will notice the warmth.

Iced Platinum – This is great for really light hair. Really good for white and grey hair and platinum blonde – it cools in colour.

Candy – To create candy coloured blush tones – particularly suited to lighter hair tones

Deep Red – To restore red tones and brighten red hair . It’s also suitable for blondes who want to add a soft rose shade to their hair. Can also be used by brunettes who want to add mahogany tones.

Warm Honey – Good for lighter bases that want to add honey and caramel tones to their hair. On a darker base it would create warmth – so the opposite of the ash effect – golden tones. Could be suitable for ombre ends.

Chocolate – Makes brunette hair richer, and it great for colour fade. If you hair is a light brown and you want more depth – this is suitable too – leave on for the full five minutes.

The product

The Colour Restore colours are designed to last for 8 washes so they are semi permanent.

They contain no peroxide, no ammonia, no PPD – and are kind and gentle to the hair.


My experience

I used Colour Restore for the first time when I was in South Africa and really hadn’t had time to brighten my hair in any way for at least 8 weeks. I was so impressed with the results. I would always chose to go to a colourist, I like to change my hair and I like a professional opinion. But for in between colour appointments this product is ideal to refresh. I would definitely be interested in trying other products in the colour range. What I liked was how soft my hair felt after using it – you really don’t need to condition and the hair is left with a gloss because of the pigment.



To buy 

Priced at £12.99 but briefly on offer with a third off at Boots for £8.66


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