I was invited to try a treatment at the Eden Skin Clinic in Kensington with the director of the clinic Lorraine Scrivener. The treatments at Eden are non surgical and needle free!!

I chose to try an advanced facial using Agera products – the ‘Microderma Facial’. This isn’t as extreme as medical microdermabrasion but combines microdermabrasion with the Agera ‘Oxy Bright’ facial which has been designed to smooth and re-oxygenate dull skin.

The Oxy Bright Facial is an oxygen generating treatment (and once we hit 30 oxygen levels in the skin begin to drop dramatically). By the age of thirty the level of oxygen naturally circulating in the skin have dropped by approximately 25%, and 50% by the age of 40 – this contributes to the ageing process.

The Treatment

Combining the Oxy Bright Facial with Microdermabrasion felt like the right choice for my skin. I always want my skin to be clear, bright and radiant – by removing dead skin cells, letting the skin breathe and giving it a hit of oxygen – works towards all of those skin care goals.

Lorraine talked me through everything before the treatment started and what I truly didn’t expect from the ‘Microderma Facial’ was to fall asleep!! When I first tried microdermabrasion well over a decade ago in North London – I ended up scratched and with a red raw face – I remember being out that night and it burning and burning! This treatment was a totally different experience – the Derma Genius microdermabrasion machine used to me wasn’t harsh – I could feel the suction but there was nothing to fear about it at all – zero pain.

The microdermabrasion works by a controlled flow of crystals removing the dead skin cells. The lower layers of skin are also stimulated by the abrasion and the vacuum which promotes new collagen.


Microdermabrasion is good for…

It can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And is a great treatment for skin that is congested – blackheads, whiteheads, acne prone skin – and indeed acne scars. I remember hearing that Victoria Beckham who had acne when she was younger swore by microdermabrasion to re-even the skin. It’s also great for sun damaged skin, and skin with hyperpigmentation. It’s really important to use SPF every day to prevent sun damage in the first place but if you already have it – this could be a good facial treatment for you. This is an old blog post of mine ‘Wear Yo Sunscreen’ – it’s my subject of passion – and my most important point when it comes to skincare.

I am very keen to try the Venus Freeze Skin Tightening face treatment at Eden Skin Clinic – Lorraine showed me some before and after photos when we were talking about the treatments afterwards.


After the treatment

Do very little with your skin for the rest of the day – obviously no exfoliation – and if you do want to cleanse use something very very gentle! Wear SPF – your skin is more exposed than usual now that it’s stripped of the dead skin cells!! I would also recommend sleeping on a clean pillow case the night after any facial.



Agera Oxy Bright Facial – £70.00

Microderma Facial – £85.00


Contact Details 

Address – Eden Skin Clinic, 21 Gloucester Road, Kensington, London SW7 4PL

Phone Number – +44 20 7584 0115

Email – hello@edenskinclinic.co.uk

Website – http://www.edenskinclinic.co.uk


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