What I actually need this Christmas is less stuff! It’s easy to hold onto things, convincing yourself that you will need them or want to use them. But personally I’ve been finding it more stressful to find a place for everything – and remember what I already have at home – particularly as I’ve been touring with a play this year, constantly packing and unpacking. My belongings are sheltered not only in my own bedroom but cleverly in spare rooms, in neat drawers under beds – and how much do I actually use?

An interesting idea from Vicky Silverthorn’s book is to think of all the things coming in to your home everyday, and how little actually leaves.

My vow in 2017 is to simplify things I would love to halve my home. There are only so many clothing items I reach for to wear, or cosmetics I want to use – which last for so long – while I collect and open more – and of course they expire! I do blogs sometimes about ’empty’ products that I’ve finished, and for some reason those posts give me most satisfaction.

The book ‘Start With My Sock Drawer’ was written by my friend Vicky, who is a professional organiser and declutterer, it’s a supportive guide to having less, and ultimately having a clearer mind as a result.

Start With Your Sock Drawer is £9.99 at amazon HERE


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