This is one of the most effective things you can do to fragrance your room without burning candles – perfect if you have children or worry about a naked flame.

My friend Vicky had no light bulb to use a fragrance ring on so she gave it to me. It was from Laura Ashley and although they no longer seem to sell them – you can find them elsewhere.

The fragrance ring is a small indented ring that you place around a bulb that’s covered by a lampshade with a few drops of essential oils in it. The heat from the light heats the oil and creates the room fragrance. Just like burning a candle that contains essential oils.


My favourite oil to use is Eve Taylor’s Hug In A Bottle. It contains East Indian Sandalwood, Brazilian Rosewood, and Damask Rose – it’s a very soothing blend. I love every blend that Eve Taylor makes – she’s an aromatherapy genius.

Try this combo – it’s a great time of year with gatherings, guests and get togethers. And thank you Vicky because I would never have thought to buy myself one of these.

The details

Fragrance Ring £2.50 at Amazon HERE

Eve Taylor Hug In A Bottle £8.59 HERE


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