ARK Skincare have put together beautifully packaged Christmas gift sets – which are also fantastic value. As a long term brand ambassador for the range, on top of the set prices, using code SUSIE15 at checkout will give you an additional 15% discount.

I first discovered the range in 2012 – my friends and I were invited to hear about the range – and I talked about the wonderful products on my blog until I was asked to be a brand ambassador at the beginning of 2015. The products are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins – I recently introduced them to my friend Lisa Faulkner who has extremely sensitive skin and we have been overwhelmed by her response to the difference the products have made to her skin. The products contain a blend of vitamins, minerals, lipids and antioxidants whilst being free from irritants – parabens, SLS, mineral oil, S.D alcohol, artificial colour and fragrance.

  • Vegan Friendly – All of the skincare range is suitable for vegans. In the body range the exception is the Body Wash, Body Lotion and the Hand Cream due to the content of Silk Protein which has been derived from the silk worm (without any harm to it). Beeswax and Keratin Amino Acids are also found in the Hand Wash – the Amino Acid is from sheep wool – again from a sheep being sheered with no harm to the sheep. The entire range is suitable for Vegetarians.
  • Nut Allergy Sufferers  – I’m working with a girl at the moment who has a serious nut allergy, as does another close friend – it can be extremely limiting not only with food but cosmetics too. ARK products are suitable for nut allergy sufferers as the protein from any nut oil used has been removed which removes the possibility of anaphylactic shock.
  • Rosacea – An extremely difficult skin complaint that ARK Skincare works wonderfully for, as Lisa Faulkner has attested to. I would highly recommend the Anti-Redness Serum or the De-Stress Serum alongside the Cleanser and Moisturiser that’s appropriate for your age group.


The Gifts

Age Protect Gift Set

Designed for teens and 20’s – balancing hydration and contains protective antioxidants to shield the skin from every day elements and the environment. The set contains all full sized products and is presented in the ARK Skincare gift box.

Pro Remove Pre Cleanse 150ml

Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser 200ml

Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser 50ml

Make-up bag

It is priced at £75.00 with a saving on the set of £23.00 HERE


Age Defend Gift Set

Designed for skins in their 30’s and 40’s. This is the range of products that I use. Again all of the products are full sized – and the Pro Remove Pre Cleanse that’s included in these skincare sets is an oil based cleanser that you apply to dry skin – even over eye make-up and emulsify with water before rinsing away.

Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser 200ml

Age Defend Replenishing Moisturiser 50ml

Pro Remove Pre Cleanse 150ml

Make-up bag

It’s priced £75.00 with a saving of £23.00 HERE


Age Defy Gift Set

Formulated for skins from 50’s onwards – concentrating on boosting hydration and brightening the skin with collagen boosting ingredients, fatty acids and hyaluronic acid (the ultimate hydrator).

Age Defy Brightening Cleanser 200ml

Age Defy Nourishing Moisturiser 50ml

Pro Remove Pre Cleanse 150ml

Make-up bag

It’s £75.00 with a saving of £23.00 HERE


Skin Perfector Gift Set

This set contains two of my favourite products. The Hydration Injection Masque – that I sometimes sleep in when my skin is in desperate need of a boost – is an intensive multi vitamin blend with hydrating hyaluronic acid. It’s also clear in colour so I put a thin layer on my skin before I fly. The second product is the Radiance Serum that was reformulated this year and contains encapsulated vitamin C and battles dullness and sun spots and uneven skin. It also gives a glow all day and should be used on clean skin underneath your moisturiser. Steph mixes a few drops with her moisturiser

“Radiance Serum is a miracle in a bottle. Obsessed is an understatement!” – Stephanie Pratt

Hydration Injection Masque 75ml

Radiance Serum 30ml

Make-up bag

The set is £65.00 with a saving of £23.00 HERE



Body Beautiful Conditioning Oil Gift Set

This award winning multi-use oil is my current hero product as recently talked about HERE. Great for hair, dry skin (for me especially my legs), massage, bath and nails. It absorbs into the skin and contains Sweet Almond Oil as well as a blend of 25 100% Natural Essential Oils.


Body Beautiful Conditioning Oil 250ml

It is usually £35.00 but in the boxed Christmas Set is £30.00 HERE


ARK Scent Diffuser

Turn the reads every couple of days when first using the diffuser to infuse your room with a blend of Fig, Geranium and Rose. Soothing and calming – and packaged in a box that’s perfect for Christmas.

The diffuser is 100ml and is £39.00 HERE



It is also possible to pick from a selection of products and have them gift boxed. Gift boxes are available to purchase separately on the Christmas page, and there are other gift suggestions on there too. Find the Christmas page HERE.

Postage over £45.00 is free and use code SUSIE15 for the extra discount on the gift box sets and the whole range.


Susie x

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