I’ve had such a wonderful year – working on the play Rehearsal For Murder. My hair however has not – it’s been fully abused. Heat styled for 8 shows a week – it became dry and unhealthy. It made me up my haircare game, and I now seem to be back on track.

At work I use the very easy Babyliss Curl Pods – if anyone is afraid of rollers or can’t be bothered with pinning they couldn’t be more straight forward. They heat up in 10 minutes, I then section the hair, roll up each piece and squeeze shut. I’m going to need to buy some because these belong to work not to me! They are £59.95 with free delivery HERE.

Babyliss PodsBabyliss Curl Pods

I asked my wardrobe mistress at work if we could get a good heat protector. In Glasgow she bought me Mark Hill’s Styling Heat Protection, and I can’t believe the difference it has made in terms of holding my hair in it’s style. It means on the evening of a matinee, I often don’t need to re-do my hair. I spray this onto my dry hair just before using the Babyliss Curl Pods. It’s £6.99 at Boots HERE. I will definitely buy this for at home. I love that I can use it on dry hair without it leaving a residue.

Mark Hill Heat Protector

I love the gorgeous oils from British brand Ruby Red – and I adore their packaging. I use their Hair Oil for scalp massage. It is a blend of 4 aromatic organic essential – which stimulate hair growth by improving circulation. The oils are Lavender, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang and Rosemary. I’m a big believer in scalp massage for healthy hair growth. It can also be used to de-frizz hair before blow drying. It’s £25.00 HERE.

The other oil that I have from Ruby Red is their ‘Face Oil Rose Otto’ – it’s a blend of Vitamin E, Rose Otto and Chamomile – soothing and full of antioxidants. It’s £40.00 HERE. For the same reason I enjoy scalp massage, I enjoy face massage for boosting the complexion and this is a lovely oil that I use alongside my Ying Yu Jade Roller. Using the two together is such a great way to get blood flowing to the skin, and to remove build up of toxins.


How cute are these miniature invisible bobbles from Nano?? We’ve all seen the bigger versions but I’m now constantly using the smaller ones. When I first opened the packet I was thinking what can I even do with these but I’ve found lots of solutions! A packet of three Nano Hair Rings are £2.95 HERE

nano-hair-ringsSusie Amy

I went through a crazy phase of the Stretch Ribbon Hair ties. I like the look of them, I love the variety of colours people are producing and I love that they are kind to the hair. I also always have a hair band on my wrist and they are a nicer look than a regular band. A pack of 5 Kitsch Basic Hair Ties are £7.00 at ASOS HERE and Boots HERE


Split ends are a constant struggle when heat styling frequently, but I’ve been disguising bad ends with Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct. I put a few drops from the pipette onto my palms, rub together and then seal the ends of my hair. It also takes away the look of frizz and altogether makes the ends of the hair look healthier! The ends of my hair get so dry sometimes that they crunch – that’s not good!!!! Find it HERE for £18.99.


Another heat protector that I’be been using at home is KMS Hot Flex Spray. I spray it section by section onto damp hair and then blow dry, and use styling tools. This gives the hold and style whilst protecting the hair from extreme heat. I also find it gives fabulous volume. It helps to protect and prevent breakage and snapping. It’s £17.00 with free delivery HERE.


KMS Hair


There are so many more things that I love for my hair, which I will mention another time. Please let me know anything tremendous I should know about.


Susie x

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