Daniel Sandler Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blusher Golden Glow and Rose GlowDaniel Sandler Watercolour Blush

There are two new blushers in my favourite blusher range by make-up artist Daniel Sandler. I’ve been using his Watercolour Liquid Blushers for many years. In the summer if your skin is feeling good they are all you need for a natural glow! I wore the shade ‘Goddess’ on its own even day when I was in Thailand for a month. This shade is no longer available but one of the new shades ‘Golden Glow’ is very similar to it.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour

Rose Glow – a pastel pink-peach shimmer

Daniel Sandler Rose GlowDaniel Sandler Rose Glow BlusherDaniel Sandler Rose Glow BlushDaniel Sandler Rose Glow Liquid Blusher


Golden Glow – a chic, warm bronze shimmer

Daniel Sandler Golden GlowDaniel Sandler Golden Glow 1Daniel Sandler Golden Glow BlushDaniel Sandler Golden Glow Blusher Liquid


There are two brushes I like to use with these. I shake the bottle and put a few drops onto the back of my hand and gently blend with the brush onto the apples of my cheeks. The best way to do this is to smile and apply. The Daniel Sandler Waterbrush is ideal for application – it is angled and soft bristled – the softer the better to spread a liquid evenly. The other brush that is a dream with both cream and liquid and even powder blushers and highlighters is Crown Brush C427.

Daniel Sandler WaterbrushCrownbrush c427 blusher brush

To Buy

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush in ‘Rose Glow’ is £15.50 HERE

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush in ‘Golden Glow’ is £15.50 HERE

Daniel Sandler Waterbrush is £15.50 and is available with free delivery HERE

Crown Brush C427 Duo Fibre is £11.90 HERE

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher



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