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DHC is a Japanese beauty brand that I’ve been a fan of for many years.  The brand is a ‘direct selling’ brand – products are available via the DHC website and the catalogue that arrives in the post approximately every 3 months. What I love about this brand is every time the DHC magazine land on my doormat, it always includes samples – which is how I’ve discovered so many of my favourite products. I picked a few of my favourites for their send out magazine a couple of years ago.

DHC’s vision and background is based on the beneficial properties of virgin olive oil. Olive oil is one of nature’s ingredients for helping to achieve and maintain healthy, nourished skin and olive oil is the foundation of DHC’s line of skin-gentle products.

My Favourites

1. Scalp Massage Pack £18.00

DHC Scalp Massage Pack

I found this glorious conditioner after trying a sample. I had to order it straight away. My hair feels so healthy but light when I use this treatment. It removes build up from the hair and scalp with natural clay – but the hair is left feeling so soft and shiny. It also contains avocado and olive oils.

Find it HERE

2. Beauty Lift Cream £41.00

DHC Beauty Lift Cream

This is DHC’s latest launch. The Beauty Lift range has been developed for dehydrated skin. This cream would be too heavy for anyone very young. It’s intensely hydrating and nourishing. In the clinical trial done on this cream 100% of people reported smoother skin in 7 days (I don’t know how many people were involved in the study). It contains peptides to fight fine lines, ceramides to promote a stronger hydration barrier, and oat kernel extract to moisturise with beta-glucans.

Find it HERE

3. Deep Cleansing Oil £21.50

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This is the most famous product in DHC’s range. It’s made from olive oil and removes all traces of make up and grime. It’s to be applied to dry skin before water is added and then rinsed away. It can be used on the eye area. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They also do a travel size which is £4.50.

Find it HERE

4. Face Wash Powder £9.50

DHC Face Wash Powder

This is a powder to foam cleanser – great product but don’t breath in as you begin to mix the powder and water onto your skin! I made that mistake the first time! It’s a silky-soft powder facial cleanser that transforms with water into a lather. Exfoliating protease enzymes help to dissolve dull skin cells. It is gentle enough to use daily and contains moisturising honey and sodium hyaluronate.

Find it HERE

5. Oil Blotting Paper £4.00

DHC Oil Blotting Paper

These oil absorbing papers are the perfect thing to absorb oil and shine at one touch. For people who worry about shine, or are in conditions where skin can become oily, these are a great and convenient alternative to adding powder throughout the day.

Find them HERE

6. Moisture Care Lipstick ‘Clementine’ £12.50

DHC Lipstick

These moisturising lipsticks nourish like a lip balm but give a good hint of colour. I love the shade Clementine which isn’t one of the two I photographed because it lives in my car. They contain collagen and my lips look full and healthy when I use them.

Find them HERE


7. Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover £10.00

DHC Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover

Shake before using to mix the two-layer liquid – which is made from water and oil. It easily dissolves stubborn eye and lip make-up – without any stinging.

Find it HERE

8. Eyelash Tonic £10.50

DHC Eyelash Tonic

The DHC Eyelash Tonic can be used in the morning as a base for mascara, and in the evening to nourish and strengthen lashes. Fortifying botanicals coat each lash to help prevent breakage. It’s rich in botanicals and contains ginseng and aloe.

Find it HERE

9. Q10 Concealer £10.50

DHC Q10 Concealer

I love this concealer – it provides powerful coverage and I dab with my fingertips on areas that I feel need a little disguise. It contains Vitamin E and Olive Oil. The only complaint I have about this concealer is that I would have loved it to have a little mirror in the lid because I’ve been using it on the go.

Find it HERE

10. DHC Virgin Olive Oil Cotton Swabs £5.50

DHC Olive Oil Cotton Swabs

I couldn’t contain my joy when I found these – individually wrapped cotton buds with Virgin Olive Oil. So gentle that they can be used on babies. For me they are the ideal thing for either  distressing eyeliner – or cleaning up the eye are after make up. I always carry a couple in my handbag.

Find them HERE 


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