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I was asked if I would like to try Madame LA LA’s ‘West Coast Face Bronzing Serum’. I love using facial tanners because I am pale and always protect my skin from the sun. Like most people I look healthier with a little colour, so my only option whilst keeping my skin protected is a decent face self-tan.

I don’t like using anything that’s going to block my pores or dehydrate my skin – often those two things go hand in hand because your pores shrink as your skin dehydrates – which can result in blackheads and blockages. The dehydrator in self-tan is DHA it’s what tans the skin. So with a few exceptions on the market if something self-tans you it also usually dehydrates you. This serum has low DHA, and ingredients have been added to counteract the dehydration.

About Madame LA LA West Coast Bronzing Serum

Madame LA LA’s West Coast Bronzing Serum has been formulated with coconut water, green tea and aloe to hydrate the skin whilst bronzing it. The self-tan is suitable for all skin tones – as it adapts – it develops gradually to give a healthy-looking glow. It includes antioxidant vitamin C, CQ10 and vitamins A and E, it boosts cell renewal and promotes collagen production to help with elasticity.

Madame LA LA was launched in London in 2014, by founder Nicole Dash Jones – and is stocked in Selfridges, Fenwicks, and from this month in Superdrug. It is the only self tanner on the market that offers LA glow colour, and Coco Water as a hydrator.

How I used it

The first time I tried it I used it in the evening. I moisturised first, if you chose not to use a moisturiser first you would get a deeper colour – but I always moisturise first. I washed it off in the morning and was left with an even, but natural looking tan.

Much like a serum it’s a runny liquid, and when I first saw it it appeared so dark that I was worried it would be a shade too much for me. However the second it is blended into the skin it just gives a fabulous glow. You only need a very small amount as it spreads well.

In the photo below I’m not wearing make-up and although I’m not dark – there was a significant and yet natural colour change after one application.

Madame LA LA Bronze SerumMadame LA LA


The Details

Price –

£25.00 RRP (although Look Fantastic currently has an offer price of £20.00)

Buy it at –




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