ARK Triple Action exfoliator

ARK Skincare’s newest exfoliator is a treat. It’s a triple effect exfoliator with physical, fruit acid and enzymatic action – and it leaves the skin so smooth!!! It’s an innovative hybrid oil-milk formulation, and it’s rich, it leaves the skin radiant and plump.

What’s in It?

Abyssinian Oil – diminishes skin imperfections and increases cell regeneration to promote a youthful and clear complexion

Bamboo Microbeads – they gently remove dead and dull skin cells and debris

Alpha Hydroxy Acids – they increase the range of cell renewal which works against any scarring and fine lines

Skin Regenerating Enzyme – dissolves desmosomes to release dead skin cells, fade pigmentation and improve nutrient absorption

ARK Triple ActionARK Skincare Triple Action Exfoliator 1

How to Use it?

I would recommend using this at least once a week, preferably twice.

Apply to damp skin – wet the hands and lightly apply in circular movements – avoid the delicate eye area.

Teens and twenties: Wash off after massaging in.

Thirties and forties: Leave on for approximately 2 minutes.

Fifties and onwards: Leave on for approximately 5 minutes.

Remove with hot cloth or face cloth. This is really important because it’s the only way to  remove thoroughly. It’s a thick and luxurious exfoliator that feels so nourishing – your skin is left feeling hydrated and plumped – not stripped which I love.



£35.00 (use code SUSIE15 for 15% discount on all products in the range)

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