I’ve always liked to use mouthwash but i no longer like to use anything made with alcohol which is incredibly drying. There are some great products on the market that are alcohol free – here are a few of the ones I currently like.



Hello GrapefruitHello Mojito mintHello Pink Grapefruit Spray

This range is my newest discovery. I’m not a huge fan of strong mint, and I love these refreshing flavours. The pink bottle is ‘Pink Grapefruit Mint’ and the green bottle is ‘Mojito Mint’. 99% natural – freshens breath, tastes fantastic and contains no alcohol, artificial colours or harsh chemicals. There are also compact sprays that are perfect for travel, and bags.

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First discovered this in the pharmacy in Ojai California. Then started seeing it advertised on London buses. The green version is so gentle in the mouth it’s almost like water – the blue version is a stronger mint flavour. Created by Dr Harold Katz. The mouthwash uses oxygenating power of OXYD-8 which eliminates bacteria that cause bad breath.

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The two flavours that I currently have from the Dentyl range are ‘Icy Mint’ and ‘Fresh Clove’ – the Fresh Clove is designed to target with keeping the mouth fresh and extra plaque control. There are six different flavours in the Dentyl range – and Icy Fresh Cherry is the next one I want to try. Shake well before use. These are not overwhelmingly strong flavours so very easy to keep in the mouth for 60 seconds without stinging.

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