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I was at my friend Vicky’s two weeks ago – I was desperate to know what the interesting contraption was on her coffee table. It was acclaimed facialist Sarah Chapman’s ‘Facialift’. Once I picked it up – I didn’t put it down – and within a few days I had one of my own – and bought another friend one for her birthday. The whole range of Sarah’s is available in Space NK, and her products are fabulous – particularly the ‘Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse‘ which is a hot cloth aromatic balm cleanser.

The ‘Facialift’ had been recommended to Vicky by one of her clients in the hope it would help her to relax her jaw and stop her teeth grinding. I thankfully don’t grind my teeth but I do have tension in my jaw after breaking it when I was a child.

Sarah Chapman’s Facialift has been designed to massage the face (and it feels great), drain toxins, encourage lymphatic drainage, increase brightness by stimulating circulation, and to excite the muscles – hopefully resulting with continued use with a lift.

I love face massage. I have mentioned my ‘Ying Yu Jade Roller’ many times on my blog, and I also go to holistic therapist and reflexologist Paolo Lai at Neville’s Salon for his incredible Facial Lifting Massage. I do as much as I can to stimulate my skin at home – when I apply a facial oil, serum or moisturiser.

I noticed a real difference in my skin after using the Facialift – it makes the face feel alive – rosy and healthy. Here are a few ways to use it – some haven’t been specifically recommended – but you can customise your own routine – do nothing that drags the skin! Always remember to think outwards and upwards – or at least outwards. With the grey flat other end of the device gently tap the face.

Sarah Chapman Facialift How To Use1 Sarah Chapman Facialift How To Use2 Sarah Chapman Facialift 4 Sarah Chapman Facialift How To Use Sarah Chapman Facialift Massage

  • Can be helpful for tooth grinders (use along the jaw line 6 times every night)
  • Can be helpful with reducing swelling and puffiness for allergy sufferers
  • Increases circulation resulting in healthier looking skin
  • Wash in warm soapy water but best to use on clean skin

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