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I have quite a collection of ARK Skincare serums. Depending on my skin’s needs I use a different one twice a day – every time after cleansing and before moisturising – a few drops onto clean skin.

The ARK serums are free from parabens, irritants, lanolin, Mineral Oil, SD Alcohol, Formaldehyde, Sodium Lauryl Esther Sulphate, artificial colours and fragrance.

This is what they do…

Hydrating Serum – Drenches the skin with hydration. Contains Cucumber Extract which boosts elasticity and Laminaria Algae which provides instant and long lasting moisture. Fine lines caused by dehydration over time leads to deep lines. Hydrating the skin is one of the best anti-ageing things you can do for your skin. My friend Kirsty Gallacher absolutely raves about this serum.

Clearing Serum – Apply this serum to areas that are prone to breakouts and congestion. It won’t dry the skin around the blemish – it’s gentle – but it banishes bacteria, reduces redness, and irritation. Margosa Leaf Extract tightens pores and has anti-bacterial properties. Watercress, Nettle & Horsetail regulate oil production.

Radiance Serum – The Radiance Serum makes your skin glow with dewy health all day. 

Red Algae gives skin a luminous glow and reduces the look of sun spots and pigmentation. Amino Acids brighten and evens skin tone and Velvet Flower Seed helps with skin cell regeneration.

Firming Serum – The ‘anti-wrinkle’ serum from the collection – ‘Liquid Botox’ as I like to call it! This fabulous serum is used for face, neck and décolletage massage in ARK Skincare’s iPosture Facial at the salon in Putney – I highly recommend it. It contains hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Centella Asiatica which stimulates collagen and cell regeneration.

Antioxidant Serum – Protects against environmental damage with White Tea, Blue Lotus and Gojiberry which help to reduce the appearance of sun damage.

Destress Serum – For skin that re-acts to the elements, it calms, reduces redness and hydrates the skin. Contains Rosemary which reduces inflammation and boosts skin’s defences, and Boerhavia Diffusa Root which calms irritation.


ARK Skincare Serums are all priced at – £42.00 – and can be found HERE 

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ARK Skincare Clearing Serum



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