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Every day I use an SPF on my face. I have for 20 years, and I believe it makes a huge difference to skin ageing. Over the years the formulas have become better and better – with more benefits than simple sunscreen. They are no longer heavy, thick or greasy – they can enhance the skin as much as protect it. UV damage can happen even on a cold winter day, so although I’m on holiday with the sun on my mind, it’s important to be mindful whatever the weather. Here are some of my current favourite daily face protectors with the benefit of priming the skin for make-up.


Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF30 (22ml)

Part of Dermalogica’s Age Smart range, I remember being so excited after trying the ‘SkinPerfect Primer’ at the Los Angeles Dermalogica hub on Montana Avenue. I emailed my friend Abigail immediately asking when I could get my hands on it in the UK. It’s not tinted – although it looks it on my hand – its velvet consistency blends into every skin tone, disguising over sized pores and fine lines. It protects from the sun with a broad spectrum SPF30 and delivers the perfect base for make-up if so desired.

Price – £34.71

To buy – HERE

SkinPerfect Primer NEW Dermalogica


ARK Skincare Anti-Ageing Skin Protector SPF30 Primer (30ml)

I’ve talked about ARK’s ‘Anti-Ageing APF30 Primer’ a lot. I think this is the perfect product to justify that using sun protection on your face daily CAN be light-weight and flattering to the skin. It does nourish the skin and gives an airbrush finish thats ideal under make-up – but also feels as though you haven’t applied that extra greasy layer on top of moisturiser that so many people try to avoid. It gives a soft-focus finish that is flattering to fine lines. The sun not only damages the skin, but makes make-up slide – this light reflecting primer sorts out both of those problems.

Price – £36.00 but currently with a 20% discount £28.80

To buy – HERE

Anti-Ageing SPF30 Primer ARK SKincare


Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse SPF30

I loved the packaging of this product so much I bought it. It had been used on me by a few make-up artists as a primer and when I saw the limited edition packaging I decided I had to have it. I am nervous of using this as my only method of UV protection because I find dispensing it so difficult I always seem to pump too much or too little and then worry I haven’t blended it evenly into my skin. You really do need a decent amount of SPF to get real coverage so if it’s coverage you are looking for maybe try one of my other recommendations. It is a lovely primer though.

Price – £29.50

To buy – HERE

Shu Uemura Mousse Primer


Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF30 (30ml)

This is a brand new Murad product that is already creating much buzz. The ‘Invisiblur’ protector is a completely clear and nourishing gel that blends easily over the skin – leaving no tacky feeling. It has been designed to blur imperfections and create a base for make-up. While I have been on holiday I have been blending a little with my favourite bronzing product Chanel’s Tan de Soleil Bronze Universal for a natural bronze using my method HERE. Murad’s protective primer contains barley, sunflower and cucumber extracts which mimic the skin’s membrane structure to help it to retain moisture. It’s a fantastic product.

Price – £55.00

To buy – HERE

Murad Invisiblur SPF30


Love from Portugal.



4 Comments on My Favourite Primers with SPF for Summer UV Protection

  1. Hmmm – skin colour if one’s skin is the same colour as yours. I know you probably meant nothing negative – but to say something is skin coloured implies that one skin tone is ‘normal’ (think Olay talking about ‘normal’ and ‘dark’ toned skin)

    • Thank you so much Teena, and I have changed the wording. I was indeed meaning my own skin colour with the perspective that there could be a whole range of shades as they had in the Dermalogica foundations. I wasn’t implying that I think every person has the same skin tone as me. And if indeed it was Olay who labelled their products in that way – I’m sure it was Dove – they would consider me ‘light’ not ‘normal’.

  2. I still use City Block which you once mentioned you liked. I might have to give a couple of these a go. Maybe the Ark one while on offer. Wherever you are in Portugal looks beautiful

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