A last minute situation. 3 days free. Summer coming. I scheduled three days at No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk. I am a long term Bootcamp user after initially being invited to try No1 Bootcamp in Ibiza back in 2011. I will never forget the change in my body that week, not to mention my levels of motivation.

 Bootcamp is never easy – you start exercise at 7am – and aside from stopping for extremely healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks – it’s exercise all day!

The three days I spent in Norfolk were as hard as ever. Exercise varies from running, boxing, and spinning to circuits and weight training. It’s suitable for people of all levels of fitness and ability. Providing you are present at every session and doing your best, you can’t go too wrong! Everyone is there for their own reason, and there is a great team spirit.

My reason for going on this occasion was for an exercise kick start. I feel my best when I am fully energised, fit and looking forward to training. When that begins to slide, I sometimes feel I need a bit of help.

People often go to Bootcamp for a number of weeks, and if you haven’t been before I would definitely recommend a full week as a minimum. In my experience the pounds that you inevitably lose due to the hard work are pounds that stay off. Prices at Norfolk start at £895

Here is my full week blog from No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk from June 2013 – HERE

Website – http://www.no1bootcamp.com


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