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A few weeks ago I tried a five day plan with ‘Paleo Chef’. Delivered to my door in Surrey on a Tuesday morning – the plan couldn’t have been easier. I have to say there wasn’t a moment that I felt hungry – which hasn’t always been my experience with healthy food plans – the portions were very generously sized. Breakfast was Paleo granola with nut milk – and for two of the days egg based breakfasts were provided – a frittata and an English Breakfast. One morning I blended the Paleo Granola with Almond Milk in the Vitamix. Some of the meals were ready to eat – some have to be boiled within their bags before eating – everything is clearly labelled.

Paleo Paleo

Theory of Paleo

The theory of Paleo eating is to think back 100 years – there was no processed food. It involves eating plenty of meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables – and swerves refined sugar, dairy, legumes and grains.

Paleo Cheat Sheet


An example of a 5 Day Plan

Day 1

Breakfast – Egg White and Spinach Frittata

Lunch – Red Cabbage Slaw and Mustard Mayo

Dinner – Market Fish with Cleansing Cumin and Fennel, and Butternut Squash

Day 2

Breakfast – Full English

Lunch – Sweet Potato Salad with Avocado, Bacon, and Chicken

Dinner – Braised Chicken Leg with Savoy Cabbage, Shallots and Smoked Bacon with Parsnip chips, thyme and walnut

Day 3

Breakfast – Paleo Granola with Nut Milk

Lunch – Roasted Celeriac, Sun Dried Tomato with Poached Salmon and Dill

Dinner – Pork Chop with Red Pepper and Star Anise Sauce, Broccoli with Kale Pesto and Glazed Heritage Carrots

Day 4

Breakfast – Paleo Granola with Nut Milk

Lunch – Carrot, Cumin and Swede Soup with Chicken and Crispy Leek Garnish

Dinner – Coconut Chilli Chicken with Red Thai Curry and Fragrant Rice

Day 5

Breakfast – Paleo Granola with Nut Milk

Lunch – Tomato and Coconut Chilli Gazpacho

Dinner – Mediterranean braised Lamb with Ratatouille and rustic sweet Potato

Provided Snacks 

Green Juice

Nuts about Paleo Power Bar x 2

Marinated Cajun Chicken Thigh

Cashew and Banana Truffles


Paleo Chef do three different types of plan – Fat Loss, Performance and Warrior. The menus are similar – but for Fat Loss the carb/startch element won’t be included. I was on the ‘Performance plan’ – which is ideal for an active lifestyle that involves exercise. The Warrior plan would be perfect for somebody training intensely.

5 Day Pricing –

Fat Loss £120

Performance £130

Warrior £150

You can choose to add breakfast to the above price plans (Granola is £15.00), or to cook your own breakfast from allowed foods – such as eggs with spinach. I would highly recommend it, I felt full of energy. I think delivery plans are ideal for people who want to eat healthily but don’t always have the time to pre-plan meals.

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