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I had the pleasure of spending the day with Wella, learning about their new bespoke colouring system ‘Couture Colour’.

Kim Hambi was my Wella colourist for the day, and the entire session was focused on me – every detail that could determine the perfect bespoke hair colour – my current lifestyle, hair requirements, likes and dislikes. Wella’s ‘Couture Colour’ takes in to account the hair’s depth, natural colour, and current condition before a colour option is decided upon.

I always believed I had a ‘warm’ skin tone – which I judge clothing and make-up on – I know that certain colours don’t suit me or leave me looking washed out. Using the ‘Couture Colour’ system your colourist can check for you – using silver (cool) and gold (warm) reflective panels to see which hair colour will be most flattering for your own colouring. The gold was far more flattering on my skin – confirming that I indeed do have a warm skin tone – dark shadows were lightened and my complexion generally looked brighter. We confirmed this with two pieces of material – one peach (warm) and one pale pink (cool).



We decided to lighten my hair slightly now that it is Spring – adding some honey and chestnut tones. Kim worked freehand to give the lightened hair a natural look. I wanted really glossy hair – that was to be achieved with Wella’s Illumina Colour.

Well Professional Colour Products Used –

Blondor – My freelights were done with ‘Blonder’. Contains clay and stays where it is placed – this allows the hairdresser to work intuitively with no concerns of the colour moving.

Illumina Colour – Illumina Colour was applied at the basin. It has micro light technology which allows the colour to shine in any kind of light. The shine can’t become distorted due to natural impurities on the hair – the technology encapsulates them and allows colour to shine through. It has a three dimensional shine.

I was treated to a fabulous head massage and a treatment masque while my colour was being washed out.

Wella ColourWella

Wella.part1-58 Well Couture Colour


Wella Professionals conducted a survey of 2000 women in the UK, USA, Germany and Spain who had their hair professionally coloured in a salon in 2014. The survey revealed that 75% of women would be more inclined to return to a salon who offered a premium colour service – as the appointment felt more exclusive. 20% of women felt that their hair was the most important aspect of their appearance – and 45% said that perfect hair daily would be more appealing to them than a designer dress. Couture Colour was born as a result, with Wella keen to meet client’s needs.

This is a truly bespoke service. I would also say if you are new to hair colouring – it is ideal. It can be hard to express exactly what you want or need – so bringing your own ideas and looking at them next to flattering colour schemes and lifestyle – your expert colourist can work out a great choice for you.

To find your nearest Wella ‘Couture Colour’ salon – http://www.wella.co.uk



*Wella Professional and Procter and Gamble for sponsoring this post and video – thank you so much. A huge thank you to Pippa Wilson Photography.*

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  1. I love your hair, both before and after, but it’s nice to have something lighter for summer coming. good video

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