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This powerful little bottle of ARK Skincare SkinResponse Clearing Serum has been designed for skins of any age that suffer with congestion and breakouts. It’s kind to the surrounding skin whilst clearing blockages.

Teenage skins, as many of us have discovered as we are, aren’t the only skin types that run in to issues with breakouts. I have as many now as I did as a teenager, just these days I control them better. I never squeeze or interfere with my skin – I would entrust that job to a facialist or skin specialist only. I am instead kind to my skin, and this is one of the products that I use to bring my skin back into balance when necessary.

As we get older the production and effectiveness of our immune cells decreases. The immune cells are responsible for destroying harmful bacteria and viruses before they can damage the skin.

Purpose of ARK Clearing Serum

1) Decreases the frequency and severity of breakouts and congestion by regulating serum secretion

2) Draws out impurities and tightens pores

3) Regulates oily skin, and redness caused by oil build up

The All Important Active Ingredients

Tocopherol Phosphate – A form of Vitamin E with proven anti redness (anti-erythema) and anti inflammatory benefits. Its properties make it ideal for the treatment and prevention of acne-prone skin – with additional benefits in the prevention of sunburn, ageing and environmental stress

Margosa Leaf Extract – These extracts are anti fungal, anti bacterial and antiviral. Its active ingredients are so strong they’ve even been shown to inhibit E Coli replication

Sebum Regulating Botanicals – A complex of three herbs – Watercress, Nettle and Horsetail which cleanse, soothe and normalise

Watercress is used to treat skin blemishes, spots and cuts. It is a natural antiseptic – gently cleanses the skin and therefore helps to prevent acne.

Nettle possesses strong astringent and anti bacterial properties that helps to clean out pores, and tightens them too. This prevents bacteria from accumulating inside pores, but also by tightening the pores minimises signs of ageing.

Horsetail is used as an astringent to tighten and strengthen the skin and also helps to improve the elasticity and mobility of the skin. It’s an anti-inflammatory, so calms the skin down and helps to reduce redness.

ARK Skincare Clearing Serum



The serum should be applied to cleansed skin. You can choose to apply it specifically to a breakout, to an entire area, or the entire face if so desired. It can also be used to prevent a reoccurrence in a problem area (such as the chin) as opposed to in the event of one.

The serum is dispensed via a pipette – this is to stop contamination of the product – as all of ARK Skincare’s products are paraben free.

I follow a serum with a moisturiser.

Golden Rules –

Don’t squeeze (it spreads infection and can cause scarring)
Don’t scrub over blemishes or irritation
Thoroughly cleanse morning and night – no facewipes
Avoid alcohol based astringents
On the day of a facial sleep on clean pillowcases
Regularly clean make up brushes
Use self tan that is designed specifically for the face
If you do have a whitehead, try pressing a hot then cold cotton wool pad on to it over and over and over again until it disperses as opposed to digging in to it. Then immediately treat the area. I follow with the Clearing Serum.


ARK SkinResponse Clearing Serum is priced at £42.00

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