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Baring the skin, particularly at this time of year, is daunting. I want a body radiance product to last without marking clothes. I’ve compared a few that I am currently using.

* Above from left to right – Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion, Sienna X Radiance Body Balm, Prtty Peashun Skin Tight Body Lotion

Prtty Peashun Skin Tight Body Lotion – £30.00

It was love at first try for me and this product. My friend India drew it to my attention in Harvey Nichols ‘Beauty Mart’. In terms of the shades that range from Light to Dark, the lady working that day gave me a little tip – go against your skin tone. So if you are a darker go for a lighter shade and vice versa. I, of course, played it safe and bought the ‘Medium’. The packaging is great for travelling – it gets smaller and smaller as you use it!

The only downside to this thick, nourishing, skin perfecting product – is that it can transfer on to clothing. I tend to dress and then apply to bare skinned areas such as legs and arms. At least wait a little while before dressing – the glow stays all day and evening. It’s incredibly flattering on the limbs.

Find it HERE

Prtty PeaushunPrtty Peaushun Gloss


Sienna X Radiance Body Balm £11.95

Designed for tanned skin – either self tanned or naturally tanned skin. Subtle golden flecks give the skin a sheen. This is not a heavyweight cream – it’s a balm – it won’t transfer anywhere. It does however contain Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Coconut Oil – so does give the skin moisture. I have been using Sienna X Dark Glowing self tan since having a spray tan with James Harknett at the W Hotel in Leicester Square. I have never really explored the Sienna X products before – and I really like them.

Find it HERE

Sienna X Radiance Body BalmSienna X Radiance Body Balm


Soap and Glory Glow Lotion £5.50

This product smells lovely as Soap and Glory products tend to, however it’s a bit too thin and watery for my drier skin type. It’s an incredibly popular product, has great reviews, and has been used on me by many a make up artist – but it always leaves me feeling disappointed – as it doesn’t enhance my skin. It’s reasonably priced, smells nice and doesn’t claim to be a moisturiser – I just feel there is something a little synthetic about it.

Find it HERE

Soap and Glory Glow LotionSoap and Glory Glow Lotion


Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion £8.50

I adore the ‘Radiance Body Lotion’ from Burt’s Bees. It’s my favourite product from their whole range. It leave the skin with a gorgeous lasting sheen. It contains Royal Jelly which is intensely nourishing, Mica (a light reflecting mineral) and sunflower oil. This is the body lotion that I would love to use for radiant skin every day.

Find it HERE

Burt's Bees Body RadianceIMG_6093Burt's Bees Radiance Body Lotion


Kadalys Precious Sublime Oil €29

French brand Kadalys uses banana tree active ingredients. All of the products are natural – and beautifully made – and don’t make you smell of a banana, aside from the banana lip balm. The ‘Precious Sublime Oil’ contains green banana, avocado oil and  lecks of copper and gold to give skin a radiant finish. There are other oils in their range – that can also be used on face, hair and body – but for a radiant skin glow, I would recommend this one.

Find it HERE

Kadalys Sublime Oil Kadalys Sublime OilRadiance



Let me know if you have any favourite skin enhancer – or any that you really don’t like at all. I have used so many over the years – the first ever being a discontinued golden lotion from Helena Rubinstein – I still miss it! Scott Barnes ‘Body Bling’ was also one of my teenage favourites – along with Benefit ‘Flamingo Fancy’.



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