When I was asked if I would like to try a ‘Teatox’ I was distressed to find that I would like to try all of Slimcha’s six tea blend offerings. Designed as a 14 day Teatox – Slimcha recommend two cups of their tea a day.

The 6 Teatox Tea Blends

Slimcha – Helps with weight loss, toning up and cellulite

Detox – Helps to flush toxins from the body, helps with digestion issues and bloating

Skin Glow – Helps with skin issues, eczema, and acne

Super Boost – Helps with stamina for training, improves energy and concentration

Kick Back – Helps to soothe a restless mind, and can help to relax at bedtime

Crave – Helps to reduce sugar cravings, binge eating, and can help to suppress the appetite

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After much deliberation I was sent Slimcha’s ‘Crave Buster’ and ‘Slimcha’ – both a 14 day Teatox. I decided to start with the ‘Crave Buster’  – blended with black tea, orange peel, and cocoa shells – it is slightly sweet and can be consumed with our without milk – so far I have been drinking without. Because of the Stevia in this blend if you are craving something sweet this is rather satisfying.

SlimCha Crave Buster


Slimcha’s original blend ‘Slimcha’ is going to be the second part of the ‘Teatox’ for me. It contains cleansing Chinese Oolong Tea, Lime Leaves and Nettle. It is refreshing and delicious. It is to be served without milk – and at 80 degrees – slightly harder to judge temperature wise!!

Slim Cha Teatox


All of the tea blends can be bought in 14 day or 28 day packs. The prices vary slightly – the 14 day Teatox is priced between £17.00 and £20.00. The 28 day Teatox is priced between £32.00 and £37.00.

I’m keen to try all of the blends over time! I have found it to a great way to cut down on other hot drinks – such as regular tea that I drink throughout the day.

For more information or to buy products – http://www.slimcha.co.uk

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  1. This is JUST what I need after Christmas!
    Sugar cravings build up over the festive season and I can’t wait to give this a try. I am a great fan of Stevia as a sweetener, having watched a very informative documentary recently!

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