ARK Derriere Facial Bottom Facial

ARK Skincare’s Derriere Facial

Treatment Time – 45 Minutes

Price – £49.00

Location – ARK Skincare, 339 Putney Bridge Road, London SW15 2PG

Contact – 020 8788 8888

ARK Skincare 15% product discount code – SUSIE15

If you fancy giving your behind as much of a treat as your face enjoys during a classic facial treatment – then this interesting new craze treatment from the USA might be right up your street! Introduced in Summer 2014, ARK’s Derriere Facial is surprisingly relaxing – dry body brushing, cleansing, massaging, streaming and hydrating – the cheeks have never had so much attention.

Body brushing boosts circulation and discourages cellulite. The body scrub that ARK use contains menthol and fruit acids and is designed to unblock pores and clear the skin of dead cells and dulling debris. The hydrating serum is something that I use at home on my face, so having it applied to my behind was rather luxurious.

Think of the treatment as no more embarrassing than a relaxing massage with your top half covered, no movement is required, no showering off or turning over. Whist the butt is being steamed or enjoying its masque, the feet and legs are massaged. The treatment beds at ARK have a support for the arms underneath, and after my mind being active with initial curiosity about the treatment, I dosed off very easily. I never tire of having my feet and lower legs massaged and I loved that the ‘Derriere Facial’ was both productive for my derriere and relaxing for the rest of me!


ARK Skincare PutneyARK skincare


Here is my ARK shopping list –

1) ARK Hydrating SkinResponse Serum £42.00

ARK serums are skin lifesavers, I would struggle to chose between this Hydrating Serum, and the Radiance Serum as my top pick, but at this cold time of year and with travel in mind hydration is a must.

ARK Hydrating Serum

2) ARK Regenerating Skin Defence £70.00

Think of this cream as a comfort blanket for the skin. Apply on top of your moisturiser or underneath (I personally prefer on top). It is packed with vitamins, super hydrating hyaluronic acid, leaf stem cells and Camelina Oil. Rumour has it that this skin regenerator performs better than a very well known moisturiser that retails for three times the price – they share many of the same ingredients! If your skin needs a friend – try this.

ARK Regenerating Skin Defense


3) ARK Anti-Ageing Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer £36.00

This UV ray protector doubles up as a silky primer. It’s one of the best I’ve ever used. It’s not remotely tacky, sticky or apparent on the skin. Glides on effortlessly over moisturiser to give all day protection – and is the perfect base for make-up.

ARK Anti-Ageing Primer SPF30


4) ARK Plumping Lip Balm £26.00

The pump bottle dispenses silky plumping moisture for the lips. It contains peptides to plump, macadamia wax to lock in moisture, and allantion to soothe and heal. It’s a real treat for the lips, and leaves them looking great.

ARK Plumping Lip Balm


Find the entire ARK range on their website – use the discount code SUSIE15 for a 15% discount.

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