Lashes by Liana

I visited Liana last month at her home in Marylebone for a full set of lashes. She has an amazing reputation, trained by Sue Marsh, and I was excited to see someone who specialises purely in lash extensions. I have been having eyelash extensions for the last 7 years – I don’t have them on all of the time as I have always worried that they damage the natural lashes underneath. Liana prides herself in not impacting the lashes underneath by using super light weight extensions. She is adamant that she can improve natural lashes as opposed to weakening them – because mascara is unnecessary, and rubbing the eyes to remove eye make up therefore isn’t a consideration. I loved this philosophy, it removed my guilt of having them applied!

A full set of lashes took approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes – this can vary depending on how many lashes an individual has – one extension is applied to each lash. She chose a slight curl to the lash that she applied for me – she customises which length and shape for each person. I find that lashes that are too long can tangle more – and I like them to look fairly natural. I was so comfortable during the appointment, under a huge blanket that I fell asleep!

Before and After –

Lashes by LianaLashes by Liana


I’ve been really happy with the eyelashes – it has been nearly a month and I still have most of them on. I’m going back to see Liana on Thursday. I do use mascara with them – more of a habit than a necessity. I don’t rub them or specifically remove the mascara, I just wash my face as usual and use Dermalogica’s ‘Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover‘ if I’ve used eyeshadow around the eye. I would be very careful of using any eye make-up remover that requires the use of cotton wool.

Liana Top Tip – If eyelash extensions begin to cross or twist or move out of place, when you get out of the shower, gently hair dry the lashes upwards


Prices –

Initial full set – £120

Top up within 4 weeks – £75

Lower lashes – £45

Contact Liana –

Website –

Telephone – +44 7956 120 001


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