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Everyone wants younger looking skin – and equally not everyone enjoys the idea of achieving that with botox or fillers. I recently discovered an amazing treatment available at the Bulgari Spa in Knightsbridge. David Peters is an acupuncturist who has developed a lifting facial treatment – that is totally pain free and rejuvenates the skin in a natural way.

I relaxed in the treatment waiting area of the Bulgari Spa slightly early – and I wished I had been even earlier – I feel asleep as it was that relaxing. I was very excited and slightly apprehensive – the treatment is unlike anything I have tried before.

Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge, London.

David Peters is so knowledgable and interesting. I asked him endless questions about the development of his treatment – which came about after travelling with his father and discovering different practices from around the world – and then extensive study. My friend Vicky Silverthorn has recommended David to me, and she had told me a little behind the very professional and interesting man.

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The treatment began with conventional acupuncture after cleansing. I was completely relaxed on the bed – as needles were placed in my hands, feet, face and scalp. I believe around 90 needles all together. The purpose of the acupuncture is to create a deep relaxed state for new tissue production. The next stage of the treatment is the application of David’s Naturalift Anti Ageing – which David makes himself – it encourages elastin and facial collagen production. The final stage is an extremely relaxing but firm Tui Na massage. David will be able to tell if he is being too firm – but I absolutely love facial massage and enjoyed every minute of it. I left with a custom made serum, that would continue to encourage healthy collagen production in the skin.

I had dinner with two of my girlfriends the following night – and I told them I had been to see David – one of them said that she was about to ask if I had had botox. It was the day after that my skin looked particularly lifted and alive. I was utterly delighted with the effects on my skin. Even though this is a natural facial with the use of acupuncture – if you do have fillers or botox there is nothing stopping you trying this treatment – David will work around any situation.

It would be ideal to see David Peter’s monthly – the treatment is in the higher price range – but for those looking to keep youthful looking complexions without turning to something more drastic – David could be a new best friend.

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The Bulgari Hotel Spa ,171 Knightsbridge
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