Palmer's Natural Bronze

For anyone who has tried and loved Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Tan Lotion, you may be interested in their new and very easy to use spray formula.

I have written repeatedly about my favourite daily tanner – so when I was asked if I would like to try Palmer’s latest daily tan offering I was delighted.

Palmer’s Natural Bronze Gradual Tanner Spray Lotion is a light body lotion, that gives a touch of colour every day. The formula is so light that it takes no time at all to spray on and rub in to ensure even coverage all over the body. The spray is continuous – which means you can cover your entire body in under 15 seconds. It requires practicality no wait time before dressing as the formula sinks quickly into the skin.

Often I find that daily tanners have no impact at all on my skin. The much coveted Johnson’s ‘Holiday Skin’ tanner makes very little difference to my skin. Dove’s ‘Summer Glow’ works a little bit better for me. Palmer’s actually makes a difference.

 My method

I shower, get out and thoroughly dry myself. I then get back into the shower to spray my whole body with the daily spray lotion – I worry about spray tanning products staining the floor – particularly if using them every day. Remember to wash your hands after applying.

Palmers Natural Bronze Tanning Spray

To Buy it

The new Palmer’s spray formula is 200ml and is priced at £7.99



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