Marie Reynolds Fortnum & Mason

I met Holistic Therapist Marie Reynolds for the first time in 2010, and I was lucky enough to have a treatment with her recently at London’s Fortnum & Mason – where she is currently a guest therapist. Marie brings her knowledge of homeopathy, genetics, nutrition, oriental diagnosis and facial techniques to her unique treatments.

Marie Reynolds Fortnum & Mason

The Fifth Concept Treatment –

Marie looks at her client’s ears, hands, feet, and face before creating a personalised treatment, based on her findings. The treatment involves a facial, scalp massage, and also works reflex points on the feet. It is supremely relaxing – and incredibly interesting. With one glance at my feet – Marie told me that I should be following an alkaline diet. Interestingly enough with an alkaline diet in mind she suggested that I should try the Fruvju Organic Cold Pressed Juice – which is a cleanse that I recently reviewed and really enjoyed.

By reading the feet Marie can suggest potential problems in the body – my kidneys for example – which is a very accurate diagnosis. She can also tell you where you fell in conception – I am a second child – and have inherited more physically from my father than my mother.

I fell asleep during the treatment, the face shoulder and arm massage was so relaxing. Marie uses products from her own product range – MRL Aromawax Candles – which I previously tried and reviewed HERE.

I left the room feeling relaxed and pampered. Marie has the gift of making every person that walks into her treatment room feel comfortable and very well looked after. The Fifth Concept Treatment is a total luxury, and it’s always an absolute pleasure to see Marie.

Length of Treatment – 90 minutes

Price – £200

Verdict – Much more than a facial

Contact –

‘My treatments are based on the concept of Noetic Science, meaning I work on the basis that thoughts, emotions and the physical all interact with one another. The physical is not detached from the mental or emotional, they are as one. I have called this the Tri-effect. The mind can be our curse or our cure. All of our emotions are reborn from what our thoughts breed which in turn causes stress in the body. My treatments start with a series of questions that release a physical response, they are not intrusive but may touch a nerve. Mental exercises, visualisation and breathing techniques are just as important to calm the analytical mind as they are for the physical touch in all therapies.’ – Marie Reynolds

Marie Reynolds Fortnum & Mason


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