Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Heated Rollers

I’ve been using Nicky Clarke’s Frizz Control Heated Rollers for the last 8 months. I’ve given them a mention here and there, but I use them so often now that they have become a staple item for me.

They are light enough to pack for travel, and supremely easy to use. Don’t worry about taking them to America, as they are voltage compatible – hair electrical items never used to be.

There are twelve rollers in the set, the only downside is that you can only heat six of them at a time. When I take one out to use it, I immediately replace it with another so that it can start to heat. The coloured circle on the top of the roller turns from red to white when it is hot enough for use.

Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Heated RollersNicky Clarke Frizz Control Heated RollersNicky Clarke Frizz Control Heated RollersNicky Clarke Frizz Control Heated Rollers

The best way to use them is to give your hair a good blow-dry, and then section it with your fingers – rolling them in doesn’t have to be a perfect procedure – I literally just grab sections of hair roll and pin. They can also be used to refresh a style. I leave them in from anywhere between two minutes and fifteen minutes. For best results let them cool in the hair – that is always the best way to get a style to hold. As I don’t always have time for that – I roll them in, let them work their magic, give them a gentle hairspray (not ideal for the rollers) and then spray again after removing the rollers and tousle with my fingers. I sometimes backcomb the roots too for a little extra volume and smooth over the top layer.

Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Rollers Susie Amy

These have given me the ability to travel with something more than a hairdryer and a tong. There is no faster or easier way for me to get movement into my hair.

Who I would recommend these for –

I wouldn’t suggest these rollers as a styling solution for anyone with very thick hair – you may need more than twelve. I have average hair thickness, and length below the shoulders, for shorter hair styles you may want a smaller roller – the Nicky Clarke Rollers are 40mm. These are a quick, on-the-go, designed for travel, well priced, set.

To buy –

The Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Heated Rollers are usually £30.00, more on some websites but they are currently on special offer.

Currently £21.95 with free delivery

I used them to style my hair tonight for Big Brother’s Bit on The Side. Had so much fun, really enjoying this series. Here I am with Rylan and previous Big Brother contestant Glyn Wise!

Big Brother Rylan Glyn Susie


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  1. Great article, as a hairdresser I use Babyliss Professional Heated Rollers all the time but the set is too big for travel. Also a fan of Nicky Clark so these are going on my shopping list. Thanks

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