Dermalogica Sebum Clearing MasqueDermalogica Serum Clearing Masque

In the midst of a skin crisis I reach for Dermalogica’s Sebum Clearing Masque, a product that I have used for many years.

The Sebum Clearing cooling mask deep cleanses the skin, purifying and inhibiting overactive sweat glands. I use this to calm the skin when I have breakouts – usually across the chin.

My skin is particularly angry at the moment – I have a facial booked at Liberty’s Dermalogica next week – and in the meantime I am doing what I can to help the skin at home. My approach in every skin situation is to be gentle, I don’t squeeze spots, or roughly exfoliate the area – this can aggravate the problem – and squeezing can break the follicle wall causing further infection. If you have a closed comedo (whitehead) hold a hot cotton wool pad followed by a cold cotton wool pad, on and off the spot repeatedly until it dissipates.

If you do want to exfoliate in times of trouble use a cream or powder exfoliator – from the Dermalogica range I highly recommend their hugely popular Daily Microfoliant.

The Sebum Clearing Masque contains cinnamon bark, spiraea, and powerful salicylic acid – which clear congested folicles and stop the growth of acne causing bacteria. Often I will use the clearing masque across problem areas and another masque elsewhere on my face such as Dermalogica’s Age Smart MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque.

Directions –

Cleanse skin thoroughly, and apply the masque to dry skin, leave on for 10 minutes and remove thoroughly with a hot cloth, or rinse off with water

Price –


To buy –

Dermalogica Medibac Sebum Clearing Masque HERE

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6 Comments on Dermalogica Medibac Sebum Clearing Masque

  1. I haven’t tried thus but I’m a,big Deemalogica fan so will try and track this down next time i’m in Boots (I currently live in Abu Dhabi and amazingly the Boots stores all sell Dermalogica!)

    I love the gentle cream exfoliant, it’s probably my favourite exfoliating product ever

    • That is so lucky that they sell in Abu Dhabi’s Boots! I also love the gentle cream exfoliant. I don’t know prices in Abu Dhabi but if there is a mark up, order from the UK – on a website that posts for free.X

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