Linda Meredith -Amazon £149.99

This protective balm from Linda Meredith contains high levels of vitamin C which are combined with potent antioxidants . It can be used as a face mask, day cream or night cream – I use it as the latter. It melts into the skin like velvet, and is ideal for air travel, cold, and hot weather. It has a matte finish and is the perfect primer for foundation if you choose to use it during the day. I can’t recommend Linda Meredith facials enough, I have had two from Lisa who works on Beauchamp Place, and I left with glowing skin, beautiful products and perfect eyebrows – as she even did them as well!

Amazon by Linda Meredith

Sensai by Kanebo Bronzing Gel SPF6 £30.00

For a natural glow apply this over bare skin or foundation. It’s incredibly natural and light weight made with 70% water – I use shade Amber Bronze. I apply it with a foundation brush  – Crown Brush C406.

Kanebo Bronzing GelKanebo Bronzing Gel

Therapie Skin Cherish Serum 200ml £42.00

I have the travel size of Therapie’s serum that is suitable for use from head to toe. A combination of argan oil, rice bran, avocado, rosehip seed, and sea buckthorn. I have been using this across the chest, the full size bottle is on my list and then I will be using it from head to toe! It works to repair sun damaged skin, stretch marks, and helps to support skin elasticity.

Therapie Cherish Skin Repair Serum

Urban Decay Naked Palette £37.00

Twelve usable and yet interesting shades in one ‘naked’ palette. I brought this to NY with me rather than lots of individual shades, and it reminded me of what a fabulous palette it is. I have been using it for several years and of late have been neglecting it. It’s suitable for every skin tone. In the video today I was wearing the shade ‘Hustle’. (free worldwide delivery)

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Aesop Lip Balm SPF30 £13.00

Hands down the most nourishing and protective lip balm I have ever used. Contains no silicone, paraffin, or beeswax – it doesn’t sit on the surface as many lip balms do. I highly recommend it.

Aesop Lip Balm SPF 30

Colgate Strawberry Toothpaste $3.79

I wouldn’t recommend this strawberry flavoured toothpaste. I don’t know what I was expecting but it tastes particularly synthetic. I think I am better sticking with a mild mint. I bought it because I am not a huge fan of mint – I only chew fruit gum and I thought this might make my brushing dreams come true – but it didn’t.

Colgate Strawberry Toothpaste

MAC Lipstick Candy Yum Yum £15.00

This was once a limited edition shade – but it was so popular that MAC brought it back as a permanent lipstick colour. I absolutely love it, and should have bought it months ago when it was first on my radar. I picked it up this week at MAC on Bleecker Street.

Candy Yum Yum MAC Candy Yum Yum

 Crown Brush Pointed Blender £5.99

This was only a recent mention of mine, but I can’t stop using it. The dome shape is perfect for blending under the eye and around the nose. I’ve never had a brush for the under eye area that worked even partially as well as this. It’s supremely gentle around the eye and moulds into the curves of the skin.

Crown Brush C456Crown Brush Pointed Blender C456

Not Your Mothers Volumizing Hair Powder $5.99

A bit of a sticky sensation as you sprinkle this on to the roots, but backcomb the hair first, mist this on and rub in for volume. It really holds. I have wanted this hair powder for ages. Ideal for third day hair, or to hold a style.

Not Your Mothers Hair Powder

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ £15.99

The new and approved formula of this tried and tested favourite from La Roche-Posay. Not only does  Duo+ target blemishes and blocked pores, but it now works against the scarring too that spots can leave behind. It contains a powerful new ingredient called ‘procerad’ that rebuilds the skin’s surface. For best results use this daily on problem areas underneath a moisturiser. It’s gentle enough for every skin – and is for teenage skin and adults alike.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+

Wet N Wild Olive Eye Kohl $1.09

So cheap, and available in drugstores across America. I use Wet N Wild’s ‘Olive’ shade both in the waterline and along the lash line and then blend. I don’t think that you need to spend a fortune on eye pencils. I have the higher end of the price market and the lower – and I’m more interested in the shades than the price.

Wet N' Wild Oliver Eye Pencil

Extreme Strapless Panty by Fashion Forms $20.00

I couldn’t resist buying these in ‘Century 21’ – you never know when the occasion may arise for them! They are thongs with no sides, they stick on, and are washable and re-usable. In each packet there are a black and a nude pair.

Extreme Strapless Panty

Century 21 

I got this white Calvin Klein dress from Century 21, which will be perfect for LA. There is so much stuff in there that you need to sort through to find things that you want to buy, I got this and some absurdly soft jersey black loungewear Calvin Klein tops and bottoms. It’s hugely discounted, and full of tourists.

22 Cortlandt Street
New York, NY 10007

Calvin Klein White Dress


Please as always let me know if there are any products you have discovered this month, it’s often how I know what to try next!


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