My skin has been treated to extreme cleanliness over the last few weeks. Kanebo’s Silk Peeling Mask is a brand new product on my shelf. Launched in 2011, this rich and luxurious mask leaves the skin squeaky clean, without stripping moisture.

The mask provides both a physical and chemical exfoliation – there are grains of silk powder in the formula that break down as it’s massaged into the skin – but it also contains lactic and citric acid. It’s micro-exfoliation may sound harsh but actually it’s mild – and suitable for every skin type.

The speed of this exfoliator and mask in one is so convenient, if like me you can run out of time, or get impatient! The whole process – that I’m really enjoying – takes about 3 minutes. Do ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed before so that this mask can really work and do its job.

I took it to a bootcamp, The UFB , this weekend. Even though my body ached all over – literally – I wasn’t too weak to get this heavenly mask on.

Kanebo Silk Peeling Mask Kanebo Silk Peeling Mask


Delivers –

Bright, super clean skin. Remember moisturisers, and serums penetrate the skin better if it is properly prepped, so don’t ignore this step.

To use-

Onto clean and damp skin, massage two full pumps of the product. Continue to massage until all of the grains disappear, and then leave for one further minute before rinsing. Use two or three times a week.

IMG_4760 Susie Amy Kanebo Silk Peeling Susie Amy Kanebo Silk Peeling


To buy –

£55 for 75ml (currently £49.50 at Harrods)


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