Purifyne Juice Cleanse

I have just finished a week long juice cleanse – I lost 7 pounds and feel fantastic.

I chose to do Purifyne’s ‘Signature Cleanse’ – a cleanse that I did for 3 days back in February – and really enjoyed. They deliver to your door – and on the particular cleanse that I did – I was drinking 4 juices a day.

Here is my video diary.

A day on Purifyne’s Signature Cleanse –

Everything listed below was provided by Purifyne.

Morning –

A glass of warm water and lemon

Dry body brushing

Carrot Apple Beetroot and Ginger Juice 

A flat tablespoon of Colosan powder (mix it with 1/4 of your morning juice)


30 minutes later –

1 Spirulina Capsule

Flat Tablespoon of Green Superfoods

2 Essential Fatty Acids Capsules

2 Liver Support Supplements


Lunch –

Pineapple Cucumber Mint and Fennel Juice

A shot of Aloe Vera Juice

A shot of Acai Berry Juice

Herbal tea, Coconut water if wanted


Afternoon –

Carrot Cucumber Spinach Kale Parsley Lemon and Spirulina Juice

Herbal tea, Coconut water, water if wanted


Evening –

Apple Celery Spring Green Spinach Lemon and Ginger

Have a hot bath with Epsom Sea Salt


Here is my previous blog with a detailed write up on the cleanse –


For information on all of the Purifyne’s Juice Cleanses –




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