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I had my first session of Microdermabrasion in 10 years last week! I didn’t have the fondest memories from that decade old session – my face was left feeling sore and scratched! Looking back it was probably just a wholly unsuitable treatment for my 21 year old fresh skin, either that or Microdermabrasion has come on leaps and bounds.

I booked in for a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion with Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy Facial, after being introduced to the brand’s new ‘Lift Away The Years Wand‘
at its launch in Selfridges last month. I loved Sharon Hilditch, the brand’s founder, who had demonstrated on me that day, and was very eager to try an in-salon treatment.

Microdermabrasion is suitable for skin that has been marked by acne – is dull, dehydrated, or showing fine lines or wrinkles. Microscopic crystals polish the skin’s surface and leave the complexion resurfaced, bright, and clear.

I found the microdermabrasion element of the facial surprisingly relaxing – as though a tiny and very powerful suction tube/hoover, is working its way across the skin. The machine vacuums away the dead skin cells and used crystals. It’s not remotely painful, I actually fell asleep. The gentle suction stimulates blood supply to the skin’s surface, which gives an immediate lift.

Oxygen levels in skin cells decrease dramatically as we age – there is a noticeable decline after the age of thirty. Oxygen Therapy replenishes lost oxygen, and stimulates collagen production – it’s a fabulous anti-ageing treatment – and works perfectly alongside microdermabrasion. High pressure bursts of oxygen visibly plump the skin. I found the sensation rather strange – some people apparently love the feeling – I couldn’t tolerate it on my upper lip at all! It’s a little bit ticklish and a little bit uncomfortable, however knowing how effective it would be, when the lady asked me if she should stop I said absolutely not!

My therapist finished my treatment with a face and neck massage – which made it the perfect combination of doing something great for my skin, and something relaxing for me.

To find your nearest salon Crystal Clear salon – click here.

Not every salon that does the facials does the ‘Crystal Clear Microderambrasion with Crystal Clear Oxygen’- some just do one or the other, so be sure to ask.

I had my treatment done in central London – at Emporium – the cost for 1 hour was £82.00. They also offer 30 minute treatments – which are priced at £46.00.

90 York Street
London W1H 1QU
Tel: 020 7723 6650

Emporium York Street

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