Tuna Salsa Salad

I found this recipe in my new favourite ‘Women’s Health’ magazine. It had been contributed by a reader – so thank you to Lucy!

In terms of quantities, I used the amount of each ingredient that I wanted to – so judge that for yourself.

I love this recipe because the majority of this salad is raw – and I try to eat as many raw ingredients as I possibly can – cooking can often remove a proportion of nutrients from food.  It’s also the perfect salad to keep in the fridge overnight – and take in to work – or eat on the go.

Tuna Salad Salsa Recipe

Ingredients –

1 Carrot
2 Celery Sticks
Small Tin of Cannellini Beans
Small Tin of Tuna
1 Large On The Vine Tomato
Red Wine Vinegar
Olive Oil
1 Lemon

Chop all of the vegetables, add drained tuna and cannellini beans. Drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice and red wine vinegar. Make it the filling for a sandwich or a wrap, or eat on its own.

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My favourite drink – which I was reminded of in London’s ‘Little House’ this week is Elderflower Presse.

It is delicious made fresh, but for a quick drink at home – mix sparkling water with Elderflower cordial, add ice, fresh lime, and fresh mint.

Elderflower PresseElderflower Presse

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  1. Yumm Great recipe! The only thing I would add, and I do it with any other salads, is to mix the olive oil with a bit of fresh oreganon and parsley. So refreshing…

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