We’re having a much needed heatwave here in the UK. I can’t remember the weather being this consistently good for years and years! It makes such a difference – people in the centre of London today seemed happy and relaxed. So relaxed, that of 11 of us sitting in an underground carriage this afternoon, 6 were asleep! I do vividly remember a summer a few years ago that was nothing but rain, week after week. It’s hardly a surprise that at the first opportunity to see some sun, everybody heads straight outdoors.

30 degree heat in the UK should be treated with the same respect as it would be abroad. Sunscreen seems to be overlooked by some people, and it’s important that it isn’t. I said to a friend the other day ‘I think you’ve burnt’, he replied ‘I was trying to, I haven’t seen the sun in months, it will turn into good colour.’ Yes it will, after you’ve damaged your skin irreversibly in the process.

Daily Face Sunscreen Protect SPF

You can still tan through sunscreen. In fact if your skin is skin that is meant to tan, it WILL still tan through sunscreen.

Another thing that people seem to struggle to grasp – some people will not tan – people with darker skin that tans easily have a higher level of melanin. If your level is low in the skin and you are pale – the amount of melanin that you do have may not be adequate to protect you- which results in burning. You are also at a higher risk of skin cancer if you aren’t respectful to a fair skin type – your skin isn’t as capable of protecting itself from damage as the melanin level is too low. I heard one girl telling people that she used to be as fair as you can possibly be, but one time she went away – got burnt – and has tanned beautifully ever since! No, sorry, that scientifically does not happen.

Sometimes a healthy glow, is just quite simply sun damage.

I am a sunscreen advocate. I have been using sun protection on my face ever since I was 14 years old – every single day. It may sound bizarre, but come rain or shine, I am using SPF.

UV rays hit us daily – whenever it is light. UVA rays, I think of as the ‘ageing’ rays. UVB rays, are the ‘burning’ rays. With the current heat wave we need to particularly protect from UVB rays, however we constantly need to protect from the ever present UVA rays.

Think of UV rays entering the skin in the same way money enters a piggy bank. If ever single day we put 10 pence into it – which feels like nothing – by the end of the year we have £36.50. By the end of 10 years those small 10 pence pieces have become nearly £400- something noticeable and significant. That’s how the skin ages – when day after day we let in those little bits of UVA daylight.

Of course not everyone will want to follow my daily, steadfast protection rule! People may find it extreme and unnecessary, but just to really stress this, I wouldn’t even do a quick dog walk or run to the supermarket without it on!

As for sunbeds – they are just a huge no for me. 90% of sunbeds in the UK have unsafe levels of UV. If you’re pale, just don’t do it to yourself. You are never going to tan on the sunbed like your dark skinned friend who recommended that you try it.

A recent Australian study, conducted over 4 years of 900 adults, found that those who applied SPF15 at least once daily – as opposed to those who used sunscreen whenever they felt the need, saw 24% less skin ageing.

Sun Tip – You have to put enough of a product on to get it’s full SPF value. If you are relying on SPF in your foundation – how heavy a layer do you/can you really apply??

SPF 15 is the minimum protection that dermatologists recommend. Always be generous with the amount you use. Reapply as necessary -particularly when sunbathing – swimmimg and sweating. Look for the UVA star rating on the back of sunscreen bottles. Boots’ Soltan range for example has 5 stars.

Sun Fact – 60%-80% of UVA Rays pass through the clouds, 50% pass through window glass

The Hot List –

Hot List SPF Day Protect Moisturiser

Here are some of my favourite face products with sun protection.

Some are heavier than others, some have more protection than others, but over time I have used all of these –

1) ARK Anti Ageing Skin Protector Primer SPF 30


Oh this is just gorgeous. Extremely light- I apply in the mornings over my moisturiser. Contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter and extracts of Sunflower, Mimosa, and Jojoba. This is an extremely trustworthy product, and ideal for those who don’t light the weight of sunscreen. It’s also the perfect make up primer and you can get 15% off using the code SUSIE15 as I’ve talked about the range so much I’m now an ambassador!

2) Clinique Super City Block SPF 40


Clinique’s City Block was the first sunscreen I ever used as daily face protection- from 14 years old!  I think the first version that I had was SPF15- these days I use both their SPF25 and SPF40. Apply over moisturiser in the morning.

3) Clarins Wrinkle Control Cream for Face SPF 50


I use this when I am actually sitting out in direct sunlight – particularly on holiday. I wouldn’t particularly put this underneath make-up as it is a little heavier, I think of it more as a sunscreen.


4) Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30


I’m crazy about this moisturiser. My skin looks so healthy when I use it. It is moisturising but not heavy on the skin. Use as your day cream. It’s part of their age smart range, so if you are a 14 year old – as I was – go for a different option.

5) Skinceuticals Sheer Mineral Defense SPF50


For serious protection – this formula is paraben free – and mattes the skin – for those who hate to shine. It is the best mineral sunscreen on the market. It dries quickly, and is extremely reliable. Ideal sunscreen for after face peels or laser.

6) Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream SPF30


I tried this product originally as part of a sponsored post, and I can’t tell you how many people I have since recommended it to! It targets pigmentation, and uneven skin, whilst protecting from further damage with SPF30. If you just want one reliable skincare step to moisturise and protect all year round, try this.

7) Dermalogica Daily Defense Block SPF15


This moisturiser that I used for years, was designed for men, but loved by both sexes. Anyone male looking for some daily protection, that is non-greasy or chalky, give this a go. Don’t forget to apply to ears and the back of the neck, as well as the face.

8) Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse 


This is in the kit of most make-up artists. It’s completely lightweight, it preps the skin for make up, and offers SPF30. There are lots of Shu Primer Mousse’s available – BB versions that conceal, pink toned, brightening, limited edition packaging. Love this light as air formula – although I worry I haven’t spread it evenly or generously enough.

9) Dermalogica Clean Start Matte/Brightening SPF15


Dermalogica’s Clean Start range has been designed for younger skin, or for those who don’t enjoy heavy products. This range is ideal for teenagers. I used the Clean Start ‘Brighten Up SPF15’ today, it has a slight tint. I love it, and I am no teenager!! I wish it had been around when I was younger.

10) Superdrug Vitamin E SPF15 Radiance Moisture Cream


I use this as my handbag, back up cream. I may apply it to the back of my hands during the day. Or top up my face with it. Or I dab it over make up later in the day, for a bright refreshed look. There is a ‘non radiance’ plain SPF 15 version in this range that comes in a tub. It has been out of stock for months, I see that it is now back on their website. Free delivery on all orders until 31st July.

11) Dermalogica SkinPerfect Primer SPF30


I wrote a post about this incredible velvet primer recently. It preps the skin for make up – or creates a lovely even base if you don’t want to wear make up. contains Hydrolysed pearl powder evens out the texture of the skin and significantly improves its overall appearance. It has a neutral tint that is suitable for all skins. This smooth velvet texture is my very favourite. Read my post on this product HERE.


Have a lovely few weeks in the sun – and remember to… wear yo’ sunscreen!!!!




Daily Sunscreen Moisturiser SPF Eucerin Dr Darren20130717-010833.jpgSPF 15 Daily Defense Block Dermalogica

13 Comments on Wear Yo’ Sunscreen!!!!! Here’s Why….

  1. Really enjoyed this post Susie!

    If only I had of followed these rules years ago!! Going to try a few of these new products out, on top of the ones listed that I already use! 😉

    A x

  2. I get so aggravated at people’s blasé attitude towards sun protection! My moisturiser is SPF15 and foundation is SPF10, and that’s all year round. My skin is noticeably more youthful looking than my friends who aren’t as proactive than me when it comes to sun protection.
    Rebecca x

  3. Thanks so much Susie. Sunscreen should really just be automatically added to all moisturizers anyway I think.

  4. great blog susie. I’m 20 and very pale but iv never been into tanning, I don’t even sit out in the sun without putting on a high SPF and even then I tend to stay in the shade most of the time. I suppose its hard to tell if its paying off yet but i have no wrinkles what so ever and people are constantly saying I only look around 16 or 17.I don’t understand how people don’t wear an SPF in this sort of weather, one of my friends in particular is 18 and is naturally pale but has developed a tan but has burnt her skin to get it since she was 12 and has never worn an spf and slathers herself in baby oil in the sun!!! I currently use the clinique city block spf 40 everyday for the last 2 years on my face, neck and chest and I love it, its great for my combination skin and has a great tint to it as well.
    If anyone needs any convincing about wearing an spf this is a link to a irish website that proves how much damage the sun does to your skin – http://her.ie/media/pic-the-most-compelling-argument-for-suncreen-you-ll-ever-see-909027

  5. Hi Susie
    Another great blog on something very relevant to us all. Love your practical matter of fact opinion on anything you review. Look forward to reading more…Noirin

  6. Great post Susie, super informative and super important! I had a city break recently with a friend and she found it hilarious that I not only applied and regularly topped up my SPF but also that I felt the need to do so in a city and even when it was slightly cloudy – she didn’t find it so funny when I explained that you don’t need direct sunlight to burn reeled off a list of reasons why it’s essential, especially after she ended up burning herself! I’m a huge advocate of SPF and wish more people were! x

  7. I use Roche Posay Emulsion 50+ UVA I use it under my moisturiser then appply my foundation. Is this wrong should it be moisturiser then the Emulsion?

    Thanking you

    • No not at all, that is potentially the better way so that it really hits the skin directly. I have just always done it the other way. That is an excellent product you are using!

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