WOW Color Root Cover Up

This really handy ‘Color WOW’ compact has been designed to extend the time between colour appointments, for those with greys coming through, or roots that need some attention! It is a powder, and a brush, and you apply it directly to dry hair. It is waterproof and will last until you next shampoo.


About it –

+ It’s small enough to fit in your handbag

+ Seamlessly colours grey roots

+ Pigments remain on the hair without being sticky or oily

+ Water Resistant

+ 6 Shades (Platinum, Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black)

+ Contains no waxes or dyes

+ A variety of pigments ensure shades look natural and match a variety of hair colours

+ 60 applications

Home dying usually involves colouring the entire head of hair – I was recently very excited about  ‘L’Oreal’s Mousse Absolue’. It sounded ideal because you could use a little bit of the mousse directly on to roots, and then continue to use the same bottle use after use – convenient, far less product wastage, and better for the rest of the hair that doesn’t need to be coloured. I have however heard terrible things about this product. I had recommended it to my sister, and after reading up about it, I unrecommended it immediately. I hope that they change this formula because a product like this is much needed on the market.

Then WOW color landed on my doormat , and I was delighted to see another solution. I have no grey hair, but I do have lighter hair at the moment – so I have been trying the ‘light brown’ shade on my lighter areas.

The other fantastic feature of this product is that to get lighter roots, you have to use peroxide, hair can not be lightened without it. Because this is a pigmented powder, for the first time roots can be lightened – the blonde shade can cover dark re-growth in lightened or highlighted hair.

Verdict –

Brilliant product, long lasting, good value – and will make lives easier.

Price –


To buy – (currently comes with free shampoo and conditioner)

WOW Color Root Cover Up

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