Stretch Ribbon Hairbands

Stretch ribbon elastic ties that don’t dent or damage the hair. They are also far more comfortable and attractive than a regular band around the wrist.

To buy –

£6.00 for a multipack at The Popband, and if you are looking for more muted tones try the Emi-Jay bands which are priced at £7.25

The PopbandEmi Jay Hair Ties

Phyto Phytophanere 120 Capsules

A tub of the Phyto Capsules will last for 2 months – you take two every morning. Promotes hair growth. Healthy nails too. I have used these on and off for years!!

Price – £33.00 (free worldwide delivery)

Phyto PhytoPhanere Capsules Hair 120


Chubby Stick for Lips ‘Oversized Orange’

My current favourite shade of these moisturising chubby lip colours.

Price – £16.00

Oversized Orange Clinique Chubby


Chubby Stick for Eyes ‘Lots O Latte’

And my May favourite shade of the Chubby Stick for eyes is the UK’s best seller ‘Lots O Latte’.

Price – £16.00

Lots O Latte Clinique Chubby


Famous Dave Sculpt & Smooth Firming Gel

Recommended for usage on arms, legs, bum, and stomach morning and evening!! I am on week one!

  • Aloe Vera to soothe
  • Co-enzyme Q10 and Juniper Berry to tighten and tone for a sleeker, smoother silhouette
  • Horse Chestnut to improve a sluggish circulation
  • Grapefruit Extract and Butchers Broom to banish fluid retention and combat swelling

Price – £29.99

Famous Dave Sculpt Smooth Gel


Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush

Body brush in the morning -upward strokes. Improves circulation and wakes up your whole system. Always work towards the heart. Fantastic for cellulite.

Price – £20.00

Cactus Brush


Garnier Tinted Eye Roll-on

Concealing and cooling.

Price – £8.65

Garnier_Caffeine_Anti_Dark_Circles_2_in_1_Tinted Eye Roll-on


Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Pencil

One touch and this is on- as you can see from the video! i have never seen an eyeliner pencil like it! I adore the shade ‘Aqua Pop’.

Price – £6.00

Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner

Clinique Nail Polish ‘Made of Steel

Dark grey nail polish.

Price – £12.00

Clinique - Made of Steel

The  Badger Brush

Use this flexible brush for blending, bronzing gel, foundation application – even powdered products.

Price – £9.29 £32.50

MAC Brush 187


Bronzing Gel Clinique

Bronzing gels are a nice alternative to bronzing powders as they look more natural on the skin. I have used Clinique’s for years.

Price – £17.50

Clinique Bronzing Gel


DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs 

These individually wrapped cotton buds contain olive oil. They are absolutely perfect for make-up corrections as well as all of the regular purposes a cotton bed has.

Price – £4.5o

DHC Olive Oil Swabs



MRL Aromawax – ‘Lush Locks’ Candle

This candle’s melted wax is designed to be applied to hair and scalp and left on as a treatment. My hair felt incredible. And not remotely heavy. This would make a gorgeous gift. So delighted to have found this product – I blogged about it last week.

Price – £32.00

Lush Locks Candle


Barry M Pink Lip Liners

The kohl pencil is shade 23 and the lip pencil is shade 12- they both work beautifully on the lips – and have more lasting power than lipstick. Apply all over bare lips for a matte finish.

Price – £2.99

Barry M Pencils

Let me know in the comments section below any products that you are enjoying using at the moment.

I have just bought myself an iPad thinking that it would make blogging on the go much easier, and this has taken me about three times longer than usual!

My office today was poolside at Shoreditch House – what a beautiful day in London.

Shoreditch House

Have a lovely weekend.


2 Comments on My Favourite Things – May 2013

  1. My favourite new products are from an Irish company based in Cork called Bia Beauty. Their face exfoliant has everyone asking me what I am using. Lots of science behind them too.

  2. Just purchased the Ribbon Hairbands. Being a nurse we have to have our tied up all the time at work, so I’m going to give them a whirl.

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