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Summer’s coming – the weather has inspired me – so I am trying to exercise every day that I can!

Today I did a class at my gym. I have never used Gliding discs before – but I came straight home and ordered them. Some of the things that you can do with them are very similar to pilates. The floor exercises – such as the one I am doing below – are fantastic for strengthening the mid section, the core.

Gliding Pad Exercise

One foot over the other – using one pad – pull your legs in and out. This is my favourite exercise. I can feel my midsection strengthening and I love it. You can’t tell from the photo but my knees remain off the floor.

Gliding Pad Exercise

Very quick video of me doing this exercise –

Other suggestions –

Ab Slides – Knees on the floor, hands on the gliding pads, and slide the arms forward and back without bending the arms, keeping the rest of the body strong.

Backward lunges – Instead of stepping backwards into a lunge, glide the foot back along the floor. This can apply to forward lunges too, of course.

Plank – The plank position – with a foot on each pad – move the feet outwards, so the legs are wide apart, and then pull the feet back together again. Keep the legs straight. This is fabulous for the midsection

Skater – Standing with one foot on the a pad – slide the leg out and slightly back – and then back in like a figure skater!!

I love these discs because there are endless things that you can do with them, but they are so light you can take them anywhere – including in a suitcase if travelling.

I watched this below video for suggestions before I ordered – there is a DVD specifically for Gliding Discs – but there are also great videos on youtube to give ideas.

To buy –

You can chose the carpet option or the hardwood floor option.

One pair is £18.45


I’m getting up at 5.45am tomorrow for a run around the lake with my friend Lewis. How I have a friend who rises this early voluntarily I really don’t know!






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  1. Susie, I will admit that you have tempted me into buying some products …. this one is a ???????? If however you are willing to bring “them” next week-end and give me a personal demonstration alongside my gang of dogs who are part of every moment (a potential next blog of how to exercise with dogs around you), then I will re-consider. It does look very effective …. but hard work! xx

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