Mark Hill’s ‘Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver’ is a hair waving/tonging appliance that never produces the same curl twice!

It’s mis-shapen barrel means that you can create tousled, undone hair, extremely easily. If you want to sleep on it and still have great movement in the morning, grab the hair into a ponytail without tying it, twist, and wrap into a bun. I always do this if I have had a professional blow dry that I still want to look freshly done on the second day.

I have always found conical wands very easy to use – they are far more straight forward for home usage than your traditional clamp down hair tong – that can often catch your hair if not used properly.

Hair Tong The Tong

Babyliss Conical WandThe Wand

Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked WaverThe Waver


The Wicked Waver heats from 120 degrees to 200 degrees – for fine hair it is best to start with lower temperatures – and for thicker or coarser hair the higher temperatures.

Section your hair and start to twist – the bigger the sections of hair you wrap around the barrel – the looser the curls.

It’s always advisable to use a heat protector whenever you are using heated appliances, today I used Loreal’s Hot Style Contructor.

Hold each piece of hair for no more than a few seconds – I personally would say 10 seconds maximum.

Wrap larger pieces at the back for even looser waves.

After you have finished tonging and waving and tousling every piece of hair, then if you want to run your hands through it, tip your head upside down, spray it, and make it as disheveled as you like.

Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver

To buy –

Usually priced at £59.99 the Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver is currently £29.99 at Boots – with free postage to the UK.

It is available there exclusively, so you actually only have the option to buy it for 50% off!!!

Let me know if you have tried it, and your thoughts!





2 Comments on Review – Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver by Mark Hill

  1. This looks amazing I love that it doesn’t produce the same curl twice. It also looks easy to use., I saw a video on you tube if a girl doing a tutorial of how to curl your hair and she burnt a section of her hair off ( using the wand which put me off using one of those.

  2. Got one for christmas !!! Best curler I’ve had ! And I’ve had lots of different types ! Can’t stop curling my hair now lol

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