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Zoe Moore the make-up designer on the film Silent Hours introduced me to MUA make-up. The range which is available exclusively in Superdrug and on the MUA Makeup Academy website is very impressive for the bargain prices.


The MUA BB Foundation Cream

This is a full coverage foundation, and there is no mention of it having UV filters or SPF. As BB creams are particularly known to protect, do be aware of this before thinking that you are covered. Having said all of this I absolutely love it. The coverage is long lasting, and natural. I would highly recommend this product if you are looking for a lower priced foundation. It comes in 8 shades – I have been wearing ‘Medium Rose’.

Price – £4.00

MUA BB Foundation MUA BB Cream Foundation


Lipstick and Lipgloss

In the MUA lipstick have shades Bare  (14) and Juicy (15) , and I fully intend to get more of the shades. As they are such a bargain, it’s a good way to try shades that you may not usually use. They last well. The lip glosses aren’t remotely sticky and look great over the lipsticks. In the photo of my lips below I am wearing ‘Juicy’ with the Sheer Finish lipgloss ‘Too Much Fun’ over the top.

Price – £1

MUA Lipstick Bare and JuicyMUA Lipstick 'Juicy'


Cream Blush 

My local Superdrug didn’t stock the MUA Cream Blusher, but I have been using them at work, and both Zoe and I have been very impressed by them. They apply easily, give a good glow to the cheeks without overpowering, and last for a decent amount of time. I am going to visit a larger Superdrug store and see if I can get my hands on them!

Price £2.00

Cream Blush MUA Makeup



There are five mascaras in the MUA range – Volume, Curl, and Every Lash. At work we have been using the Mega Volume mascara in the pink tube pictured below. The only one that was available in my local Superdrug on the day that I visited was their regular mascara. It has a nice brush, and although it isn’t the most amazing mascara I have ever used it does the job and is a complete bargain.

Price – £1 to £3

Mascara MUA Makeupmegavolume MUA Makeup


To buy or look at the range –


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